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Chillbox Portable AC Reviews – Buy Chillbox Air Cooler for Instant Cooling

Published on June 24, 2021

The mid-summer season is just as muggy as it gets and not everyone is a fan. Nonetheless, not everyone has the resources to confront such scorching summers and the beaming rays that pierce through the skin and instigate irritation in the body. It is especially excruciating to survive the heat of Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona etc. It is unbearable for one to stay out for a single minute outside in the heat of these states. The summer season is not only hard like its irritating but it also physically hurts the body with many blisters on the body and causes heat stroke due to prolonged heatwave which may be proved fatal for many. Specific demographic like older people, pregnant ladies, children, infants and working class have to face a lot of problems due to such summer situations that happen. Children have rashes. Older people get dehydrated, same is the case for people who are employed to work on the roads all day like delivery men etc. They have to drive in such heat, and drop off the deliveries on many homes throughout the day. It can be hard for them to survive the day. Its uncomfortable in summers to sit all day in the heat and no humidity that the dry hot air that blows damages skin and scratches it badly. It irritates kid and school going children are so affected by it. 

Nevertheless, to all the problems there’s always a solution. This, here might be the solution one has been looking for to beat the summer heat. That is Chillbox Air Cooler.

What is Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner?

Chillbox is as the name suggests, a portable air conditioner that is a carry-easy air conditioner that gives user the privilege to carry it around anywhere. It has a very light weight and has a very unique and different design than its predecessor and is sleek. It has a 4 in 1 functionality. It works as a humidifier, an air purifier, a fan and as an air conditioner.  It is a unique device that works wirelessly on its battery and has higher efficiency. It also is energy saving and it is cost effective which means that it will save one’s bill and electricity. Which also makes it eco-friendly. It has a very easy usage and it has options for user for customization of the device. It is to whether to use the device for its single functionality like either a fan, a humidifier, or an Air Conditioner. It can be used like any one of them or they can be mixed too. 

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Like to get chillier situation during intense heat mix Air Conditioner and fan, to reduce dryness add humidifier. It can be used as just a fan and humidifier when the hotness is not that high but there’s dryness in the atmosphere it can moisten up the space very well. It uses some really high-end filtration process to reduce heat and increase the chill in the middle of intense summer. It is not only to be used outdoors but indoors too. It can be used to put school going children to sleep and give them the rest they need, or to help use it in an office. If there’s no source. Plug it in the desktop and voila! No need for power source, just connect the cable and ports and the Chillbox Air Conditioner is here to help. The amount of options and customizations Chillbox provides are just outstanding. It has a very easy setup and no tricky installation. Just simple and easily processed setup. 


Components of Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner and its features:

There is so much to unpack in Chillbox Air Conditioner.  It is full of features and has so much to offer with that amount of compactness, which is very impeccable. 

  • It has a very functional design that is also compact and has everything it needs
  • It has firm structure and a rough build which is very important as it saves one from getting electrical damage or the damage to the device itself. 
  • It has a water tank that is filled with water in order to humidify the space it is being used in. The water tank is spacious and fills 380 ml water in it. 
  • The charging cable is very common and is similar to what is used with mobile phone chargers so, just in case user misses or loses the cable somewhere they do not have to stop using the device but other cables can help with the charging just as good as the original cable of the device. 
  • It has water evaporative curtains. Which play a central role in the processing of the whole device. 

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  • It has blades on the front that directs the flow of cool air in the direction the user has set for oneself. 
  • It has 3 fan modes that are low, mild and high which can be set according to the user preference, just the way user wants. 
  • It has filters which clean the air after cooling of the air. 
  • It has power button and user-friendly display. 
  • It comes with an instruction manual that has basic guidelines which tell user how to use the air conditioner. 
  • It can be plugged in any USB source for power. 
  • It has noise reduction so that it doesn’t disturb the user or change the focus of the user. 

How is it different than other products available in the market?

The cooling products in the market are very common but they are different than Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner. First of all Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner is a portable option than regular air conditioners which means that it can be carried anywhere, like it can be used on road trips in peak summers, during work on the field like using it during delivery of goods, or can be used in a food truck which can be found around beaches, or crowded public spots. These spaces are hot and then cooking in this situation is just another blow in the face. A compact and portable air conditioner like this can have so many benefits here. Talking about the compactness and portability of the device. This is a space saving option that helps save tons of space and allows people to save space like to be used on road trips or delivery of goods. No one will be taking two units of air conditioner with them and have no power source to plug it into. So, this is one of the many things that distinguishes Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner from other options, like a large unit Air Conditioner. Then it is a multi-functional device which means it has purifier, humidifier, fan and Air Conditioner. 

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To be precise one has to buy three or 4 different devices to meet the functionality that Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner is providing in a very smart price range, which if bought separately would cost around more than $ 500 to $ 1000 which is quite expensive and would add to energy waste and add to monthly electricity bills which is not efficient. Plus, it will harm the environment which is something that Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner does not stand for. The Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner is environmentally very friendly unlike other Air Conditioners that release CFC’s and harms the nature. 

The installation of the device is easy too. It has literally no installation just plug it in fill the tank and you’re good to go. It works in a matter of seconds unlike other Air Conditioners which consume more time to cool the air. The other Air Conditioners do not purify the air like Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner does. It helps disinfect the air and eliminate contaminants. 

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How does Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner work?  

Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner has a very simple working process but a very complex machinery inside of it which makes it a unique device all in all. 

  • The cold water is to be added in a 380 ml water tank and it is placed securely in the slot it has been designated. 
  • Than place some ice in ice tray to help the cooling process of air. 
  • Than plug in the cords in the port, like plug the cable in power source and the other end in the port on the Air Conditioner. 
  • After that power on the device and change the fan settings to either mild, low or high depending on mood, preference or the intensity of heat the day it is being used. 
  • Keep the device fully charged for wire free usage or plug it in and use as per the user liking and situation. 

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  • As soon as the power starts the machinery inside the device starts to work. 
  • The water is pumped into the evaporating water curtains that use the chilled water from the tank
  • The cold water from water tank is used to evaporate hot air out of water and the cold air is expelled out of the device for cooling the room. The fan helps in expelling out the cold and evaporated air. 
  • The humidifier adds moisture in the air being expelled so the dryness is reduced and humidity is normal. 
  • While the water is being circulated through evaporating water curtains the air filters inside expels out contaminants, and disinfects the evaporated air before blowing cool and clean air in the space. 
  • The ice from ice tray helps in chilling the air more than it is. 

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Chillbox AC Benefits

  • It has no noise so it doesn’t divert focus off of work and helps in getting peaceful environment and helps get peaceful sleep. 
  • It has so many customization settings that it gives the user a wide range of options to chose from and it gives the option to keep the intensity as per user liking so that it doesn’t get too chilly or too humid. 
  • It has an affordable price range which is a plus. 
  • It has multiple functions in it, which adds fan, air conditioner, humidifier and air purifier. 
  • It takes 8 hours of charging and cools the room for 20 hours or more. 
  • It has easy installation so no need to worry about installation or whom to call for installation of device. 

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Price of Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner

The Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner comes in various deal options and comes in a single package too. The bigger the deal the bigger the discount. The device is only available on the company’s website and has no other physical or online attributes. The payment has to be made online and can be made with credit card or debit card like from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network or PayPal. Just fill in the billing details and shipping details and enter customer information to contact. 

There is a an add on protection warranty that covers the protection of device for lifetime. The warranty has protection offer and replacement offer for life. For the price of $ 19.99. Just 19.99 The option is a one time offer so avail as soon as possible and is available on the order page. 

  • 1 x Single Room Pack: The price of 1 Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner is $89 with $ 8.99 shipping and handling by UPS Ground. Total $97.99 (After Discount of 50%)
  • 2 x Studio Pack: The price of each Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner is $ 79.00 and the price of package is $ 158.00 with $ 8.99 shipping and handling by UPS Ground. Total $ 166.99 
  • 3 x Multi-Room Pack:  The price of each Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner is $ 69.00 and the price of package is $ 207.00 with no shipping and handling.  
  • 4 x Expansive Coverage Pack: The price of each Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner is $ 59.00 and the price of package is $ 236.00 with no shipping and handling.  After giving $ 40 off discount today the final price is $ 196.00

Refund Policy

There is a 30 days money back guarantee on the device on any sort of problem or complaint with the device. It can be a manufacturing defect, dissatisfaction from the working of device or an issue with the usage such as a defective motor, component that has been broken anything. Just file-in a complaint and get the refund. 

Customer Support

In case of any further enquiries, you can get in touch with the customer support team of Chillbox Air Cooler here:

Contact By Email:
By Phone: 1-855-816-0108
Customer Service Hours: 7AM to 5PM

Chillbox Reviews – Does Chillbox Air Cooler Really Work?

The need to beat the heat this summer is very important right now and the best option that one might have is Chillbox Portable Air Conditioner. The device’s multiple functionalities make it one-of-a-kind devices which is a very comprehensive device but also has a minimum price tag which is cool plus it provides portability, compactness and space saving which is good for budget friendly and space saving individuals living in small flats, lofts, or studio apartments. It a=can be a good purchase this summer. 

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