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The latest data from Cision's State of the Election series reveals how global, national and local media covered the debate

Cision, an industry-leading earned media communications management and media advisory platform, published the latest data from its 2020 State of the Election blog series, a weekly nonpartisan media analysis of the U.S. presidential election. In week 7 of the series, Cision highlights how the presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden was covered by the media.

Within minutes of the debate ending, Google searches for “who won the debate” were at their peak. When looking at all U.S. media coverage, Cision found there are approximately 300 more mentions that claim “Trump won.”

Other key findings include:

  • 23% of the debate media coverage talked about COVID-19
  • Unlike previous debates, climate change received sizable attention – 12% of the total debate coverage
  • Russia was the most talked about topic of the debate
  • From October 16 – October 23, the debate garnered nearly 100,000 media mentions in the United States. Worldwide, there was an additional 36,000 mentions published in English.
  • Through the eyes of the global media – Biden narrowly won the debate

Cision also analyzed how local media in nine swing states judged the debate based on earned media mentions. Findings include:

  • Arizona: Biden won 38 to 32
  • Florida: Trump won 86 to 72
  • Georgia: Trump won 71 to 67
  • Michigan: Trump won 68 to 65
  • North Carolina: Biden won 51 to 50
  • Ohio: Trump won 79 to 77
  • Pennsylvania: Biden won 94 to 88
  • Texas: Trump won 166 to 122
  • Wisconsin: Biden Won 72 to 59

Publications in swing states were nearly split – 52% to 48% in favor of Trump. Trump won big in Texas and Florida. Biden won respectably in Arizona, Pennsylvania,…






Clean Elections and the Democracy Fund Discuss Arizona’s Ballot by Mail Preparedness
The Ritz Herald

Arizona voters benefit from a well-established mail ballot option, but voters still need to keep in mind key deadlines as November 3rd approaches, one of the nation’s leading experts on elections recently told the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

“The pandemic has accelerated requests for mail in ballots and some…

An Information Gap in Americans’ Knowledge of Political News
The Ritz Herald

Amidst an unprecedented election year and a news cycle that includes multiple overlapping crises, new research from the MIT Sloan School of Management reveals a yawning information gap in Americans’ knowledge of political news. Charles Angelucci, Assistant Professor of Applied Economics at MIT Sloan, and…

U.S. Conference of Mayors Responds to Supreme Court Decision to End Census Count Early
The Ritz Herald

The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Trump Administration to abruptly end all counting efforts for the 2020 Census seriously jeopardizes the accuracy of the count and threatens to cost our cities hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds. Now, more than ever, as cities are shouldering the…

AJC Praises Facebook for Decision to Ban Holocaust Denial Posts
The Ritz Herald

American Jewish Committee (AJC) praised Facebook’s decision to remove all Holocaust denial and distortion posts from the social media platform — and to prevent any such posts in the future under the company’s hate speech policy.

“Facebook’s decision to ban Holocaust denial and distortion postings is profoundly significant,” said AJC…

Alarming Levels of Hunger Highlight Scale of Challenge to Achieve ‘Zero Hunger’ by 2030
The Ritz Herald

The world faces an immense mountain if it is to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development goal of ‘Zero Hunger’ by 2030. According to the 2020 Global Hunger Index (GHI), published today, “alarming” levels of hunger have been identified in 11 countries and hunger remains at serious levels in…

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A new survey conducted by Edvisors finds a highly motivated Gen Z electorate that favors Joe Biden

Edvisors conducted the nationwide survey of 18-24-year-olds and received 1,183 responses. Edvisors’ data suggests a substantial turnout for Gen Z this November, 89% of respondents indicate they are likely to vote, and 67% are voting for the first time. Of likely voters, Joe Biden (48%) is favored over Donald Trump (25%), and 25% are undecided the month before the election.

Despite Biden having a 23-point edge over Trump, 35% think Trump will win the election, just 30% think Biden will win.

Method of voting varied for likely voters. 31% indicated they would vote by mail and 30% will vote in person on election day. Others will vote early in person or deposit an absentee ballot in a drop box.

“It’s encouraging to see our younger voters ready to take action,” explains Anita Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer. “They’re ready to prioritize political issues that are impacting their lives.”

  • Gen Z was asked to identify political issues important to them. They identified education (85%), jobs and the economy (81%), and health care (79%) as their top issues of concern.
  • 47% of respondents are optimistic that votes will be counted fairly and accurately.
  • 90% of Democratic respondents and 46% of Republican respondents support free college…
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Pres. Trump speaks during a Coronavirus Task Force news conf. in the briefing room of the White House. 24/03/2020. © Oliver Contreras
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In response to President Trump's baseless claims about physicians miscounting deaths due to COVID-19, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) released the following statement:

On behalf of the nation’s emergency physicians, ACEP is appalled by President Trump’s reckless and false assertions that physicians are overcounting deaths related to COVID-19. Emergency physicians and other health care workers have risked their lives day in and day out for almost a year battling the greatest public health crisis in a generation—all while watching countless patients die alone, going to work without sufficient protection equipment, and struggling with crushing anxiety about getting sick or spreading the virus to their loved ones.

To imply that emergency physicians would inflate the number of deaths from this pandemic to gain financially is offensive, especially as many are actually under unprecedented financial strain as they continue to bear the brunt of COVID-19. These baseless claims not only do a disservice to our health care heroes but promulgate the dangerous wave of misinformation which continues to hinder our nation’s efforts to get the pandemic under control and allow our nation to return to normalcy.”

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is the national medical society representing emergency medicine. Through continuing education, research, public education, and advocacy, ACEP advances emergency care on behalf of its 40,000 emergency physician members, and the more than 150…

One in 130 Women and Girls Globally Are Victims of Modern Slavery, With Figures Expected to Rise From COVID-19
The Ritz Herald

A breakthrough report which reveals one in every 130 women and girls is currently trapped in modern slavery has sparked a global campaign, with human rights advocates calling on all governments to ban forced and child marriage, and to end state-sanctioned exploitation of migrant workers*.

Walk Free’s report,

Gateway Health Introduces New Playbook To Address Racial Inequality
The Ritz Herald

Gateway Health Plan, Inc. (“Gateway Health”), a leading managed care organization dedicated to caring for the “total health” of its members, announced its new playbook to address inequality in the Black community.

According to the 2019 “Pittsburgh’s Inequality across Gender and Race” report, Pittsburgh is considerably less livable for Black…

Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate and How Did the Media Cover It?
The Ritz Herald

Cision, an industry-leading earned media communications management and media advisory platform, today published its media analysis of the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. Cision looked at media coverage of key voter issues, how local media in swing states judged the debate,…

Ford Foundation Announces $180 Million in New Funding for U.S. Racial Justice Efforts
The Ritz Herald

The Ford Foundation announced it has doubled its funding support for U.S.-based racial justice and civil rights groups with at least $180 million in new funding from the proceeds of the unprecedented sale of $1 billion in social bonds. The new funding significantly boosts Ford’s ongoing commitment to advancing…

U.S. Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2021
The Ritz Herald

The United States Postal Service filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of price changes to take effect Jan. 24, 2021.

The proposed prices, approved by the Postal Service Board of Governors, would raise Mailing Services product prices approximately 1.8 percent for First-Class Mail and 1.5 percent for other…

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signing legislation. © Michigan Governor's Office
The Michigan Senate and House approved the five bills last week after days of intense bipartisan negotiations
By / Finance Reporter

Governor Whitmer today signed legislation championed by the Michigan Chamber to specify that businesses who are following COVID-19 safety protocols would be protected from COVID-19 related lawsuits.

“Across our state, businesses, nonprofits, childcare, academic facilities and the medical community have invested resources, time and energy in complying with public health requirements and operating in a safe manner,” said Wendy Block, Vice President of Business Advocacy and Member Engagement for the Michigan Chamber. “This legislation is good news for businesses who have made public safety a priority and allows them to proceed with confidence that they will not be the target of an unwarranted lawsuit brought by personal injury lawyers seeking to capitalize on the pandemic.”

“This legislation is a great example of what happens when all sides come together to resolve a controversial issue,” said Block. “While there were many lawmakers and staff involved in these legislative negotiations, special thanks to Representatives Tom Albert, Tommy Brann and Graham Filler for sponsoring this important legislation, Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey for making it a priority, and Senator Adam Hollier, Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich and the Governor’s staff for their help in bringing all sides together to get the bills across the finish line.”

The Michigan Senate and House approved the five bills last week after days of intense bipartisan negotiations. The main bill, House Bill 6030, would grant employers, individuals, nonprofits, child care and academic facilities and the medical community immunity from personal injury lawsuits and other tort actions…


Over 2 Billion Political Messages Have Reached Americans Since Mid-September
RoboKiller’s Political Insights Report reveals over 2 billion political messages
a.i. solutions Awarded $203 Million Contract to Support the Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
a.i. solutions announces that it has been awarded a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee
Application Deadline for Coronavirus Relief Funds Looms for Local Texas Governments
The Ritz Herald

The deadline to request Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) allocations is Oct. 16, a deadline of critical importance to Texas counties and municipalities seeking assistance in offsetting COVID-19-related payroll costs. “It is important for counties and municipalities to meet this deadline as the state…

Holidays Are Approaching: Do You Know USPS Shipping Deadlines?
The Ritz Herald

It’s that time already? The days have blended this year more than usual due to daily-routine changes courtesy of the pandemic. But now it’s time to focus on happier times ahead over the next few weeks as the holidays get closer, and who isn’t excited to do that?

As always,…

C12 Invited to Discuss COVID-19 and Positive Economic Outlook at the White House
The Ritz Herald

On September 21st, seven C12 CEO members representing diverse industries and workforce contexts met with top economic advisors and policy-makers at the White House. These CEOs were invited to share their perspectives and concerns regarding the country’s post-COVID-19 recovery strategy and to help shape the policies that will affect…

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dozens have states have made it easier to vote early or by mail. © Eric Gay
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Political messages are targeting swing and active voting states with 12 days left until the election

RoboKiller’s Political Insights Report reveals over 2 billion political messages were sent to Americans in the past 30 days as part of campaign tactics. With the Presidential Election just 12 days away, RoboKiller’s proprietary political message trends show Republicans have sent 1.4 billion political texts, which is significantly more than Democrats’ total of 615 million text messages. Over 40% of these messages have been targeted towards swing states and states that are actively voting.

Political robocalls are on the decline this political season with Republicans placing 1 million robocalls and Democrats placing just over 900,000 in the last 30 days. RoboKiller attributes the decrease to spam calls causing fewer Americans to answer unknown phone calls.

A new technology called peer-to-peer texting has played a significant role in the massive number of political texts Americans are receiving this election season. Peer-to-peer tech sends large amounts of text messages from a unique phone number, rather than an autodialer. Texts from an autodialer that have not obtained the recipient’s prior consent are illegal – making peer-to-peer a clever workaround for campaigners to send unsolicited political texts.

Sending texts in droves is not the only reason political parties are increasingly adopting political messaging as a major…



a.i. solutions Awarded $203 Million Contract to Support the Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

Bentley / RH
a.i. solutions announces that it has been awarded a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Level Of Effort (CPFF-LOE) contract with a potential value of over $203 million to provide quality and mission assurance (QMA)
Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign to Boost Student Turnout and Civic Engagement
The Ritz Herald

Course Hero today announced an ambitious new get-out-the-vote campaign, in collaboration with First Lady Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote initiative, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization on a mission to increase participation in every election and close the race and age voting gap. Designed to increase…

Impact Network Debuts a Virtual Roundtable to Spark Discussion for 2020 Presidential Election with Ed Gordon
The Ritz Herald

During the 2020 Election cycle, The Impact Network will present IMPACT THE VOTE: Voice of the People, an informative and provocative virtual roundtable hosted by award-winning journalist, Ed Gordon. The discussion will highlight essential conversations that bring awareness, attention, and action to remedy the cycle of cultural and societal…

Media Analysis of the First 2020 U.S. Presidential Debate
The Ritz Herald

Cision, an industry-leading earned media communications management and media advisory platform, today published the latest data from its 2020 State of the Election blog series, a weekly nonpartisan media analysis of the U.S. presidential election. This week, Cision analyzed media coverage of the first presidential debate between President Donald…