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New York Times best-selling author and popular leadership coach, Stephen Mansfield. © The Selah Way Foundation
The Selah Way Foundation Hosted Inaugural Vision Summit to Move the Needle in a fight for our children's freedom. Highlighting the best of the best working in collaborative effort

It is estimated that over 2 million kids are sold each year into the global sex trade, a $99 billion industry. Human trafficking continues to be one of America’s fastest growing crimes, targeting the most vulnerable members of society, innocent children.

The Selah Way Foundation is a one-of-a-kind umbrella in the anti-sex trafficking movement which unites the leading organizations in a collaborative effort to achieve the greatest impact in saving young lives affected by this crime. Whereas most organizations work in a silo, stunting their ability to create world-wide solutions, Elizabeth Fisher Good and her co-founders envisioned a better way to move freedom forward. The Selah Way Foundation brings together the best practices in outcomes, business theory, programming and more, to best combat this issue together, creating scalable, proven programs for sustainable change.

The Selah Way Foundation hosted its inaugural Vision Summit event on March 25th – 28th at the Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia for one hundred champion supporters from around the country. The support and awareness garnered at The Vision Summit brings our society closer to the eradication of sex trafficking on a global scale within our generation.

The Selah Way Foundation’s unique collaborative approach to combatting this issue has already brought about unprecedented success with over 8,000 survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation being served in the United States and Europe. Over 250,000 healthcare professionals and over 100 law enforcement agencies have been trained to identify and aid victims of this crime, to date. Over 25,000 children (and adults working with them) have been trained on how to stay safe from sex trafficking and abuse, with the goal of training 2 million in the coming…






Senator Tim Scott’s Senior Staff Visits SC’s First COVID-19 Testing Lab at One Year Mark
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Diversified Medical Healthcare (DMH) announced today that Senator Tim Scott’s senior staff visited their headquarters, touring the Greenville, SC facility which houses four healthcare companies making a national impact. Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS), CPT Medical, OnGen, and Vessel Medical serve as a large-scale molecular diagnostics lab, clinical test…

Government, Nonprofit Hospitals’ Charity Care Falls Short of Their Favorable Tax Treatment
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The amount of charity care provided by the government and nonprofit hospitals falls short of the obligation implied by their favorable tax treatment, according to a new study in the April issue of Health Affairs by researchers at Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School and Bloomberg…

ACB Urges Congress to Amend H.R. 1 and S. 1, Securing Access to Accessible Voting
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The American Council of the Blind calls on Congress to protect the right to vote for Americans who are blind and visually impaired by removing threatening language in the For the People Act (H.R. 1; S. 1).

“The right to a private and independent vote stands as the cornerstone of…

Disparities Limiting Access to Healthcare Services, Including COVID-19 Vaccines, In Pennsylvania’s Underserved Communities
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A new report by AARP Pennsylvania and Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions highlights how geographic, racial/ethnic and economic factors are combining to restrict access to healthcare services for many Pennsylvanians, creating disparities that have become more pronounced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Disrupting Disparities in Pennsylvania: Retooling for…

Statement by U.S. Conference of Mayors on Attack at U.S. Capitol on Friday
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America’s mayors are saddened and shocked that less than three months following the armed insurrection at the Capitol, tragedy has struck again as an individual trying to breach the Capitol grounds has killed one Capitol Police officer and injured another. While we don’t know the person’s motive or all…

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July 14, 2020: Gov. Tom Wolf signed two policing-reform bills into law. © Office of Senator Sharif Street
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Current members on the exploratory committee represent over 100 leaders from 24 counties

Pennsylvania State Senator Sharif Street (PA-3), Vice-Chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, announced the formation of his exploratory committee for the United States Senate. More than 100 leaders from across Pennsylvania joined him in person and virtually. The event was live streamed on Senator Street’s Facebook page and can be seen here.

“I will get votes in rural Pennsylvania and energize urban Pennsylvania,” said Street. “We will engage Pennsylvanians in all counties and build out an agenda driven by communities. A movement by the people, for the people will move this Commonwealth forward.”

Current members on the exploratory committee represent over 100 leaders from 24 counties: Allegheny, Beaver, Berks, Bucks, Butler, Centre, Chester, Crawford, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Erie, Greene, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Lycoming, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Westmoreland, and York. A full list can be found here.

The exploratory committee members represent diverse communities across the Commonwealth who spoke to Senator Street’s leadership. Street’s approach will engage Pennsylvanians in their own communities across the Commonwealth to build a winning agenda. Exploratory committee leaders described Street’s leadership on issues from investing in education and making healthcare more accessible to reforming our criminal justice system and creating jobs building…

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54th Alabama Gov. Kay Ellen Ivey. © Office of the Governor of Alabama
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Executive Director, Felicia Jackson is credited with authoring the proposal that secured the 10 million dollar grant for the organization

While the grant was awarded to ARCH, Executive Director, Felicia Jackson is credited with authoring the proposal that secured the 10 million dollar grant for the organization. ARCH is fortunate to serve under her leadership as one of the top executive minority female leaders in our state.

Amongst other recipients ARCH received the largest sum from the allotted funds.

Mrs. Jackson has extensive experience in the HUD Continuum of Care process, Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery, FEMA Disaster Case Management, affordable housing, and community development.

She also has a strong track record of cultivating successful collaborations between government, housing developers, private sector, nonprofit and community partners as seen by her excellent work in securing this most recent grant.

Addressing Gun Violence in America: Novel Technology Adoption for Public Safety
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The toll that gun violence has taken on American society is staggering by any standard. According to statistics compiled by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, 100 U.S. citizens die as a result of gunfire each and every day. In addition to the…

Black Women Lead Equity Forum to Promote Racial and Gender Equity for a New Era
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All In Together, a nonprofit bipartisan women’s civic education and leadership organization presents the Black Women Lead Equity Forum on April 8, 2021, in partnership with OWN.

Hosted by American Political Strategist Donna Brazile, and featuring Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Andra Day, the program will celebrate Black…

Nation’s Mayors Applaud President Biden’s Economic Vision
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On Wednesday, President Joe Biden unveiled his new economic agenda to help America build back better following the COVID-19 pandemic during a speech in Pittsburgh. The plan calls for $2 trillion to be invested in the nation’s infrastructure, creating thousands of good-paying jobs and fighting climate change in the…

Miami Black Officials Most Powerful and Influential Business Leaders
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City of Opa-locka City Manager John Pate and Vice Mayor Veronica Williams were recently listed by Legacy Magazine as one of South Florida’s “Most Powerful and Influential Black Business Leaders.”

Legacy Magazine, a business/news publication serving South Florida’s Black community in Miami Dade County, will profile Pate and Williams in…

Governor Greg Abbott to CEOs: Texas Legislature Committed to Fixing Power Grid
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Texas is addressing power, water, broadband and transportation infrastructure to ensure it can support rapid growth in the future, Gov. Greg Abbott assured global business decision-makers Wednesday at a fireside chat sponsored by the Texas Economic Development Corp.

The primary infrastructure issue facing Texas today is the electrical grid, said…

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United States Capitol, Washington D.C. © Eleven Photographs
Joining AJC in advocating for the NO HATE Act are more than 50 Asian American organizations that signed onto a letter organized by AJC's Asia Pacific Institute
By / Deputy Editor

American Jewish Committee (AJC) welcomes the announcement of bipartisan reintroduction of a bill in the House of Representatives and Senate to improve hate crimes reporting and governmental responses to hate. The Khalid Jabara and Heather Heyer National Opposition to Hate, Assaults, and Threats to Equality (NO HATE) Act, led by Representatives Don Beyer (D-VA), Judy Chu (D-CA), Fred Upton (R-MI), and Vern Buchanan (R-FL) in the House, and Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) in the Senate, seeks to close gaps in the reporting of hate crimes across the nation.

Joining AJC in advocating for the NO HATE Act are more than 50 Asian American organizations that signed onto a letter organized by AJC’s Asia Pacific Institute. The letter cites the uptick in hate crimes against Asian Americans and the importance of measures within the bill that will help law enforcement “more accurately assess and ultimately reduce bias-motivated crime.”

The FBI is required by law to gather data on hate crimes annually, but the information is undeniably inaccurate. Victims inconsistently report hate crimes, and law enforcement is not always equipped to identify crimes as motivated by bias. Because reporting is voluntary, today only 13 percent of the nation’s law enforcement agencies submit any hate crimes data to the FBI. More than 70 cities with at least 100,000 residents failed to contribute to the latest FBI Hate Crimes Statistics report or reported zero hate crimes.

Jews remain the most targeted victims of religiously-motivated hate crimes in the FBI reports. AJC’s 2020 State of Antisemitism in America…


Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Applauds Attorney General’s Charges Against Employer’s Fraud
Yesterday, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced criminal charges against the
Representative Emily Slosberg’s Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Bill Passes Second House Committee
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HB 673, Gail’s Law, by Representative Emily Slosberg (D–Boca Raton) passed out of the House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee with unanimous, bipartisan support. Gail’s Law would require the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to create and maintain a statewide system for tracking sexual assault evidence kits from the point of…

ADA Urges Federal Action to Lower Prescription Drug Prices
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The American Diabetes Association last week recommended urgent federal action to bring down skyrocketing drug prices before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. In a statement for the congressional record submitted in conjunction with the HELP Committee’s Primary Health and Retirement Security Subcommittee’s recent hearing exploring…

New Uptick in Use of Falsified Documents to Show Proof of Vaccination Poses Risk for Travel, Business, Education
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Multiple news outlets across the U.S. are reporting a rise in counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine cards, leading to a 300% growth in advertisements on the dark web for such documentation since January. With people looking for falsified documents as a way to…

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AFL-CIO headquarters, Washington D.C. © AFL-CIO
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The charges announced are the largest Davis-Bacon prevailing wage case in U.S. History

Yesterday, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced criminal charges against the major anti-union company, Glenn O. Hawbaker Incorporated, which has fleeced workers, honest companies, and the Commonwealth of more than $20 Million. The charges announced are the largest Davis-Bacon prevailing wage case in U.S. History.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO officers want to thank Attorney General Josh Shapiro and his incredible team for the extraordinary work done today to stand up and fight for PA’s workers and their families. The State Federation officers issued the following statements:

“Glenn O. Hawbaker Incorporated has stolen from its workers and the Commonwealth. This fraud has cheated honest, hard-working people out of the wages, healthcare, and retirement security they are due. Companies should not get a pass for violating the law and depriving workers of the rightful compensation for their labor. The working people of Pennsylvania have an Attorney General who will fight for their rights on the job, and Josh Shapiro is holding this unscrupulous employer accountable for this egregious theft,” stated President Rick Bloomingdale.

“These criminal charges are a clear demonstration of the importance of workers’ right to organize and join a union. Workers with a union contract have the power to protect their wages, while workers…



Structural Racism and Anti-LGBTQ Policies Lead to Significantly Worse Health Among Black Sexual Minority Men

Quinten / RH
Eliminating racist and anti-LGBTQ policies is essential to improving the health of Black gay, bisexual and other sexual minority men, according to a Rutgers-led research team. The study, published in
The Chamber of Progress: A New Center-Left Tech Policy Industry Coalition
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Technology plays a huge role in Americans’ daily lives — and important questions loom about how to best ensure that all Americans will benefit from high-tech advancements, and whether the tech industry operates fairly and responsibly.

Today, a veteran Democratic tech policy executive launched a new center-left tech policy industry…

Deaths From COVID-19 Have Progressively Declined at Nursing Homes
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects in U.S. nursing homes and long-term care facilities, resulting in an estimated 1.2 million infections and 147,000 deaths as of early 2021. Yet even as mortality rates in the general population have decreased over time, little evidence has been uncovered to determine…

New and Dangerous Trends of Disinformation in Wake of U.S. Capitol Attack
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The aftermath of the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Capitol has led to the emergence of a new broad, anti-government conspiracy theory spreading on social media that is dovetailing with anti-vaccination and anti-public health extremism, according to a new report by Rutgers’ Miller…