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The EP comes out while Ringo is on tour with his All Starr Band (Steve Lukather, Colin Hay, Edgar Winter, Hamish Stuart, Warren Ham and Gregg Bissonette)

UMe released Ringo Starr’s third EP, titled simply – EP3. It is available digitally and on CD right now and will be available on 10″ vinyl and as a limited edition translucent royal blue cassette on November 18, 2022.

“Every song on this EP relates to Peace and Love. When I was in the Beatles we started looking at the world in the 60’s and thanks to the hippies a lot of us had a change of mind and peace and love and helping each other and being kind if you can became our goal. So I always look for songs that speak to that and all these songs have the same sentiment just written in a different way. I also love the magic of making a record. I have a lot of fun and I am open minded, and it’s great to see what happens.”

The result is four new wonderful offerings – “World Go Round”, “Everyone and Everything”, “Let’s Be Friends” and “Free Your Soul”. All the songs were recorded at Starr’s Roccabella West studio, where he also recorded his Change The World and Zoom In EPs, and they feature a familiar cast of collaborators including Steve Lukather, Linda Perry, Dave Koz, José Antonio Rodriguez, and Bruce Sugar (full credit listing below).

In just 4 tracks, Ringo covers a broad range of style and sound, beginning with the electrifying “World Go Round” which is also out on video today. It was shot in Ringo’s home studio by Brent Carpenter and it features Ringo, Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams as they record the track. Watch it here.

Furthering Ringo’s consistent messages of positivity he sings, “I know…




Former Sofar Sounds Artists Nominated for 24 MTV Music Video Awards in 2022
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Sofar Sounds, a global community giving a voice to emerging artists and curating unique performances across more than 400 cities globally, is celebrating the nominations of nine of its alumni artists in this year’s MTV Music Video Awards. Sofar Sounds is an artist services company at its core, shining…

Fei-Fei Unveils New Acid Techno Single ‘Human Machine’
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After making her long-awaited return with “MY BODY IS GOD ON ACID,” Fei-Fei continues her journey with her new acid techno single, “HUMAN MACHINE,” out August 25th on PUSSY POP. Oozing pulsating drumwork and a scintillating cyborg ambiance, “HUMAN MACHINE” marks…

The APX Drops New Soulful House Song and Video ‘Greatest Love of All’
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R&B/Soul/Funk duo The APX have switched gears with their self-produced single “Greatest Love of All” (G.L.O.A), marking another entry into the house music realm by popular demand. G.L.O.A is accompanied by a breathtaking music video self-directed by the duo and follows up their 2019 Grammy-considered album “Amplified Experiment,” which…

NSB, Asian-American Music Group, Debuts Hyperpop Single ‘SUNSHINE’
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NSB, the musical moniker for North Star Boys, an Asian-American music group with over 55 million combined followers across social media platforms, released their debut hyperpop single “SUNSHINE“.

Making their debut in the Hyperpop genre, North Star Boys release their new single “SUNSHINE”.

“SUNSHINE” symbolizes perseverance and…

Interview With Tokyo-Based Artist, Risa Kumon
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Risa Kumon is a singer, songwriter, and media personality. She’s originally from Nagasaki but now resides in Tokyo, Japan. She sings a variety of genres but mainly specializes in R&B, Jazz, and Soul. At age 3, She learned how to play the piano after losing her eyesight after being…

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This track challenges listeners to step away from toxic relationships and step into the best versions of themselves

Following a wave of self-reflection, Gudboy released “I Can’t Love U” on Friday. The single is a striking representation of letting go in order to progress into your best self. Leaving versions of yourself and others is not always an easy process, and Gudboy can certainly attest to this challenge throughout the creative process of “I Can’t Love U.” Gudboy collaborated with The Crushboys to nail down lyrics and melodies to produce a truly entrancing piece of work. This single garners heavy hip-hop influences that also exude an EDM flare which gives this single a unique experience listeners can identify with and jam out to.

As the first single set to release from his upcoming EP Love Letter, this track truly sets the tone for what’s to come from Gudboy. The indie artist is coming into his own and creating music with a message that many had yet to explore on their own.

Hailing from the mountains of Boulder, Colorado; Gudboy is creating a new style of Hip-Hop inspired Electronic Music. With lush soundscapes and heavy hitting choruses, Gudboy branches the gap between beautiful and energetic music. Gudboy grew up writing songs and…

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Each chapter builds on itself to become one long narrative when watched in order or can be enjoyed individually

Four of The Beach Boys’ most timeless and legendary songs – “Barbara Ann,” “Don’t Worry Baby,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” and “God Only Knows” – serve as the soundtrack to a stunning, unprecedented four-part video series that builds on itself to become one long narrative when watched in order or can be enjoyed individually. Directed by Andrew Litten, who’s worked with Anderson .Paak, Pusha T, and Earth, Wind & Fire, the cinematic story, which was beautifully filmed in South Africa with a local cast of actors, captures what it’s like to be young and in love as it traces a high school romance between surfing-obsessed Helena (Zoe Manoek) and Lucas (Toby De Goede), an aspiring photographer who’s the new kid in town, and the difficult decisions they each must make as graduation looms and their futures beckon.

The video series will play out over back-to-back weekends and kicked off ON SATURDAY with the first installment, “Barbara Ann,” which introduces Helena, a young teen who spends her waking hours daydreaming about surfing and getting out of her small town. The story of Lucas, a boy who moves to town with his dad, will be told in the ensuing video, “Don’t Worry…

Chasing Luma’s Biggest Challenge Was Letting Go on Debut Album ‘You Need to Water Flowers for Them to Grow’
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Luke MacDonald began his musical career at the age of 8 when he picked up a guitar and learned the value of songwriting in a little Canadian community off the coast. Luke predominantly created dance and electronic music during the course of his career. The Gold-certified producer sensed a…

Mobbin101 Raises the Stakes in Hip-Hop on ‘Circles’
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Women are the crown jewels of humankind. Words can’t explain a woman’s power, impact, energy, and spirit. The human touch of a woman can heal, empower, and calm any situation. Women are the first teachers of a child.

Breastfeeding the future is divine and creates an unexplainable connection with a…

AA-Legrand’s Debut EP Takes Listeners on a Neo-Folk Infused, Sonic Sojourn
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Adding a twist to the indie-folk genre, with his use of industrial and electronic elements within the framework of traditional folk, Simeon Loth’s debut EP Pacific serves as a demonstration of his melodic expertise and lyrical precision. Out today, the 3-track EP attempts to unravel the woes of relationships…

Interview With Andrew Ha of HB Entertainment
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Andrew Ha is the founder of HB Entertainment. HB Entertainment has hosted over 120+ events throughout California & Texas. HB Entertainment is dedicated to serving student communities & non-profit organizations and has fundraised over six figures while curating the most unique shows & unforgettable experiences!

Andrew and his brothers have…

‘Barbie Girl’ and Aqua’s Iconic Album ‘Aquarium’ Turns 25 Years This Year
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The year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Aqua’s debut album ‘Aquarium’ and iconic global hit ‘Barbie Girl’. This will be celebrated and marked by an exclusive re-release of the album on September 9th via Universal Music Enterprises.

‘Barbie Girl’ was released as a part of…

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I-Lin Tsai

What are the differences between Classical Music and Pop Music? And how do those differences support each other in a concert setting?

This was the main question that I-Lin Tsai started with when designing her concert program for her 2022 West Coast Concert tour in the United States.

What she discovered during the planning process and stage was that by fusing Chinese Pop (or C-pop) along with classical music, she’d be able to juxtapose unique harmonies in each genre. Where Chinese pop music differs from American pop music in its melodic patterns, instrumentation, and language. Where C-Pop music aligns with all other pop music is in its harmonic structure, song form, and song topics (love, social settings, etc.). “Shifting this music to the piano and more specifically – classical music – produces an interesting effect rich harmonies, expressive melodies and interlocking rhythmic patterns.”  These are the reasons that I-Lin Tsai states for why she’s bringing Asian pop music to the classical music scene. “It just makes sense to blend this music with greats like Debussy who were so passionate about harmony.” The result is a unique concert program that I-Lin Tsai was able to take on her 2022 West Coast Concert tour.

Dr. I-Lin Tsai, originally from Tainan, Taiwan, completed her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Pennsylvania State University in 2021. Since then, she’s carved out a name for herself as an established artist in classical music. Audiences come to see her Debussy, Bartok, and Rachmaninov but also leave being introduced to more contemporary…


Desarae Dee Comes Full Circle With Her Faith and Destiny in 2022
I was introduced to Desarae Dee via Instagram in during COVID-19.
Beyoncé Releases Her Much-Anticipated Seventh Studio Album RENAISSANCE
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The seventh studio album from Beyoncé is available worldwide on all major streaming platforms. From her own label Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records, RENAISSANCE arrives six years after the globally lauded LEMONADE was released in 2016 as a complete surprise.

The originator of the visual album format, and the preeminent…

The Many Faces of Frank Carrozzo
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In a modern music industry characterized by rapid change, even major labels struggle to keep track of the trends. Anyone that wants to survive in the music business today needs to be the best at adaptation and innovation. Frank Carrozzo has never been a stranger to innovation and…

HarbourView Equity Partners Acquires Brad Paisley Music Catalog
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HarbourView Equity Partners, the global alternative asset management company founded by Sherrese Clarke Soares, has acquired the recorded music rights catalog of Country megastar Brad Paisley.

Brad Paisley has earned his place in country music history as one of the genre’s most talented and decorated male solo artists. Over the…

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A picture is worth more than a thousand words in life

Staring at a picture, you see a multitude of human elements in a person. Witnessing their rawest emotions, strength, influence, affluence, and potential is a transcendent experience.

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw an image of DJ WESWILL, Wesley Willaims.

The image is coated with unparalleled zeal, human electricity, ambient light, and calculated creative genius. Creating timeless moments is not accidental or reserved for average mortals. Less than 10% of the global population activates their hidden God-given talent.

Understanding your gift’s power, impact, and monetized value is a supreme responsibility in life. DJ WESWILL is a bonafide legendary figure in Hip-Hop culture.

DJ WESWILL is built for marathons and not sprints

The name and brand of DJ WESWILL represent the highest form of musical supremacy. Recognizing DJ WESWILL’s attributes is easy to visualize.

DJ WESWILL converts music into a lifestyle at every live event he engineers. DJ WESWILL is a mad scientist with a trademarked formula for curating music’s emotions, sound, voice, and psychological texture.

Hearing his voice over the microphone creates a different type of crowd energy. His cerebral connection with female listeners is ultra-exclusive. DJ WESWILL speaks a decoded language that empowers women to believe, feel, and dance with unrivaled confidence.

In 2022, DJ…



Desarae Dee Comes Full Circle With Her Faith and Destiny in 2022

P-Wright / RH
I was introduced to Desarae Dee via Instagram in during COVID-19. Upon viewing Desarae’s Instagram page, I became engulfed in her visual presentation and musical supremacy. Every photo of Desarae is
ZOMBOY Unleashes Dead Man Walking Pt. 1 EP Feat. Micah Martin, MUST DIE!
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After turning heads with high-octane bass house heater “Desperado,” dubstep don Zomboy reveals the first EP to grace his newly launched label. Landing July 22nd on the UK legend’s Rott N’ Roll imprint, “Dead Man Walking Pt. 1” encompasses recently-released fan…

Austin’s ILLfest Music & Arts Festival Shares Lineup Featuring GRiZ, Madeon, SLANDER, Chromeo, and More
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Award-winning Austin-based ILLfest Music & Street Art Festival is proud to unveil the highly-anticipated full lineup for its 5th edition on September 3rd and 4th, 2022 taking place at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA). AC Slater, Chromeo, Getter, Louis the Child, Kayzo, Mija, Habstrakt, Wax Motif and more…

Barry Manilow Announces Music Teacher Award to Coincide With His Summer Arena Tour ‘Manilow: Hits 2022’
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Music icon Barry Manilow announced his Manilow Music Project would once again award a deserving music teacher in each city of his summer arena tour.

The Grammy award winner previously announced a special six-show arena tour run that kicks off on August 4th at TD Garden in Boston, MA stopping…