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London, United Kingdom, 15 July 2024 – As the demand for ethically sourced and sustainable jewellery continues to rise, the spotlight has shifted to lab-grown diamonds and moissanite as top choices for modern engagement rings. This shift marks a significant change in consumer preferences, driven by advancements in technology and a growing awareness of environmental and ethical issues associated with traditional diamond mining. This comprehensive guide explores the reasons behind the popularity of lab-grown diamond rings and moissanite, offering valuable insights for those considering these stunning alternatives for their engagement rings.

The Appeal of Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment using advanced technological processes that mimic the natural formation of diamonds. They are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds but come with several advantages that make them an appealing choice for today’s consumers.

One of the most significant benefits of a lab grown diamond ring is its ethical and environmental impact. Unlike mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do not involve harmful mining practices that can damage ecosystems and exploit workers. By choosing a lab-grown diamond, consumers can enjoy the beauty of a diamond while supporting sustainable and ethical practices.

Understanding Moissanite and Its Unique Qualities

Moissanite, a gemstone composed of silicon carbide, is another popular alternative to traditional diamonds. Discovered in a meteor crater by Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893, moissanite is celebrated for its extraordinary brilliance and affordability. This gemstone exhibits a higher refractive index than diamonds, resulting in a dazzling display of light and colour that many find more captivating than diamonds.(  )

Moissanite’s durability and affordability make it an excellent choice for those looking for a beautiful and…






Copenhagen Fashion Week SS25: Registration Open for Press, Buyers, and Industry Figures
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Accreditation is open until 31 July for SS25 at Copenhagen Fashion Week, inviting press, buyers, and industry figures to partake in the showcases on the official show and presentation schedule. CPHFW NEWTALENT showroom will highlight collections from emerging Nordic talents, including brands part of the CPHFW NEWTALENT scheme…

Cupshe Launches Collaboration With JoJo Fletcher: Soul Space Collection Now Available
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Global fashion e-tailer Cupshe announces its partnership with JoJo Fletcher, renowned TV host and star of The Bachelorette season 12, on a co-designed collection together, Cupshe x JoJo Fletcher: Soul Space. JoJo infuses her signature style into this exclusive collaboration as the creative director.

Fresh from a summer trip to…

Shoplazza Empowers Flaxmaker’s Global Expansion in Women’s Swimwear Market
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Shoplazza has been instrumental in aiding Flaxmaker, a women’s swimwear brand, in overcoming the challenges of global expansion and achieving significant growth from scratch. With the rapid growth of global cross-border e-commerce, Chinese brands are increasingly pursuing international markets. However, challenges such as technical limitations and lack of comprehensive…

Anita Mai Tan’s Masterpiece: The Jewelry/Cigar Dragon Box – A Fusion of Art and Philanthropy
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Renowned artist Anita Mai Tan is once again poised to captivate the world with her latest masterpiece, the Jewelry/Cigar Dragon Box, a labor of love that has consumed over two years and thousands of hours of dedication.

Scheduled for release in 2024, coinciding with the auspicious Year of the…

Esteemed Fashion Leaders Assemble in Copenhagen to Catalyze and Accelerate Sustainability Progress
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On 21-23 May, Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2024 assembled over 1000 esteemed representatives from brands, retailers, NGOs, policy, manufacturers, and innovators from both the fashion and adjacent industries to unlock the next level of sustainability. Presented by Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), the non-profit organization that is accelerating…

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© Olertis
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Although custom jewelry seems like a recent trend, it has been popular for centuries, if not for millennia. Ancient people decorated their bodies with all kinds of natural materials ranging from shells to animal bones. As they became more civilized, metals and stones began to be used, necessitating more complicated techniques, such as soldering, producing alloys, cutting stones, filigree work, engravings, cameos, intaglios, repoussé, enameling, glazing, granulation, gilding, inlaying, and many others.

Most ancient civilizations have left their mark by producing their own “brand” of jewelry, deeply steeped in cultural beliefs and mythology. While the oldest archeological jewelry finds are mostly connected with burial sites, we believe that jewelry was never meant to celebrate death but rather life. It is a constant reminder of how beautiful a human body is and how a simple physical object can go well beyond its decorative purposes. An ornamental piece can embody a concept, a belief, or even a cultural code. This is why some of the most progressive custom jewelry companies on the market, such as Olertis, will go above and beyond to achieve not only technical perfection but also personalized meaningfulness when creating jewelry.

From Ancient Egypt to Greece and Rome,…

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Bonnetje, Sól Hansdóttir and Stem will be awarded One To Watch for SS25, and will showcase through a presentation on the official show and presentation schedule

Copenhagen Fashion Week announced the brands enrolled in the upcoming edition of CPHFW NEWTALENT, highlighting a continued dedication to fostering innovative Nordic talent.

This season, Berner Kühl will join the CPHFW NEWTALENT scheme, while Stamm and Alectra Rothschild / MASCULINA will present their second showcase, and Rolf Ekroth will present his third and final showcase as part of the scheme.

Bonnetje, Sól Hansdóttir and Stem will be awarded One To Watch for SS25, and will showcase through a presentation on the official show and presentation schedule.

Furthermore, the dedicated CPHFW NEWTALENT showroom will provide global industry leaders with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the exceptional brands participating in the scheme as well as Frederik Taus represented by ALPHA and Sofia Ilmonen who will represent Fashion In Helsinki.

“CPHFW NEWTALENT is a vital pillar for Copenhagen Fashion Week, supporting key Nordic visionary talent at a critical juncture in their growth. CPHFW NEWTALENT aims to support these directional new voices across mentoring, showcasing and financial support: a three-tiered structure to guide their own evolution from flourishing creatives into reputable businesses.” – Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Continuing with a strong line up and the introduction of new voices of the scheme, CPHFW NEWTALENT continues…

The Allure Bridals Bridgerton Collection is Making its NYC Debut at Kleinfeld Bridal
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The Allure Bridals 2024 Bridgerton Collection will be debuting in NYC at Kleinfeld Bridal, so ladies may explore regency-inspired gowns and have their very own memorable “Yes!” moment. The arrival will be celebrated by a one-day-only in-store showcase on June 5, 2024, featuring Regency-inspired bridal designs and accessories,…

Harlem’s Fashion Row Hosts Successful 6th Annual Designer Retreat in New York City
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Harlem’s Fashion Row hosted its 6th Annual Designer Retreat from May 8-10, 2024, providing underrepresented designers with a unique opportunity to connect with industry stakeholders and gain valuable insights. Around 75 designers from across the country gathered in New York City for this highly anticipated three-day event. Sponsored by…

Meryl Streep Stuns in LILYSILK Attire at Cannes 2024 Photo Call, Honored With Palme d’Or Award
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Legendary Hollywood actress Meryl Streep was pictured looking effortlessly chic at the iconic 77th Festival de Cannes, running from May 14 to 25, wearing an Amalfi Stripe Silk Shirt from LILYSILK.

Veteran actress Streep, known for her versatility in countless roles over the years, was in Cannes to receive…

FASHIONPHILE Partners With Emma Roberts for 25th Anniversary Brand Campaign
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FASHIONPHILE, the leading resale e-commerce platform in pre-owned, ultra-luxury accessories, announced its first celebrity partnership with Emma Roberts. The actress appears in FASHIONPHILE’s latest brand campaign as part of the company’s 25th anniversary and also curated a collection of her favorite pre-loved, ultra-luxury accessories to shop on


Interview With Award-Winning Permanent Makeup Artist Stanislav Miroshnichenko
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In this interview, we delve into permanent makeup artistry with a prominent artist, Stanislav Miroshnichenko, who has made significant strides in the industry. From discussing his journey and achievements to sharing insights on the current state and future of the industry, this article provides a comprehensive look at…

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Riyadh Air and Saudi Arabian creative director Ashi reveal stunning collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris
By / Lifestyle Editor

Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia’s new world-class airline and fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), in collaboration with the Saudi fashion designer Ashi, founder of Parisian couture house ASHI Studio, has unveiled its first-ever fashion collection, during Haute Couture Week in Paris.

The airline took to the runway in style showcasing its stunning new lifestyle collection for its frontline team members in the fashion capital of the world. The exclusive fashion line is made up of dozens of male and female looks, of which 15 were revealed during the most prestigious fashion week of the year. The luxury Riyadh Air concepts unveiled in Paris comprised of timeless cashmere outerwear, dresses and trousers made of fine wools, custom leather footwear, amethyst earrings, and iconic pillbox hats, all of which are inspired by 1950s airline fashion, widely considered as the ‘golden age’ in aviation, but with bold, modern styling for a future-forward brand.

Riyadh Air and Lucid, maker of the world’s most advanced electric vehicles, also took the opportunity during Haute Couture Week in Paris to reaffirm their shared commitment to sustainable transport and eco-friendly practices. Lucid and Riyadh Air have an innovative partnership with a shared vision for the future of sustainable transportation exploring the collaboration across co-marketing, commercial, and operational streams for guests.

Ashi has cultivated completely new color tones for the looks, including the chic and elegant Electric Amethyst for womenswear, and Dark Amethyst for menswear, of which the full collection is scheduled for launch early next year. The amethyst shades pay homage to Saudi…


Philippine Massenaux: Key Aspects of Sustainability in Fashion
In fashion and merchandising, industry expert Philippine Massenaux has been
Elton John Auctions Iconic Wardrobe on eBay in Support of Elton John AIDS Foundation
This Pride Month, Elton John is bringing his legendary wardrobe
Copenhagen Fashion Week Unveils Lineup for SS25, Including Winner of Zalando Visionary Award 2024
The Ritz Herald

The full lineup for the August edition has been released, consisting of 46 brands and institutions that will showcase their collections on the official show & presentation schedule. Furthermore, Zalando has revealed the winner of the Zalando Visionary Award 2024 as Sinéad O’Dwyer. The Irish designer’s collection will be…

Zitahli: The New Age of Travel and Fashion Fusion
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In today’s dynamic world, where every journey is a reflection of personal style and a commitment to the environment, Zitahli stands as a beacon of innovation in travel. This pioneering brand has masterfully fused style with functionality to craft a range of men’s travel essentials that redefine the essence…

The World’s Most Advanced Exclusive Briefcase: Introducing 007 Pro
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In a world where security and style are paramount, the unveiling of the “007 Executive Tech Bag” marks a groundbreaking moment in the realm of business accessories. This revolutionary briefcase, designed by the esteemed Emad Zand, marries cutting-edge technology with timeless elegance to create a masterpiece unlike…

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Philippine Massenaux
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In fashion and merchandising, industry expert Philippine Massenaux has been a vocal advocate for sustainability, emphasizing the critical need for the sector to adopt more eco-friendly practices. One of the key aspects she highlights is using sustainable materials, which is pivotal in mitigating the environmental impact traditionally associated with fashion production. Massenaux underscores that integrating organic fabrics, such as organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo, is a cornerstone for sustainable fashion. These natural fibers are cultivated without harmful pesticides and chemicals, reducing soil degradation and promoting healthier ecosystems. Adopting organic fabrics supports biodiversity and ensures that consumers are clothed in materials less likely to cause skin irritations and allergies.  She developed a business plan for the Mid-Hudson Regional Business Plan Competition. This plan was based on a whitespace proposal idea, which aimed to fill a gap in the market and offer a unique solution to a pressing problem in the industry.

One of the highlights of the Philippine Massenaux project was her curation of a new and innovative science-based textile. This textile was designed to reshape the fashion industry’s views of sustainability. With growing concerns about the industry’s environmental impact, finding alternative materials and production methods that are more sustainable and…



Elton John Auctions Iconic Wardrobe on eBay in Support of Elton John AIDS Foundation

Rüthers / RH
This Pride Month, Elton John is bringing his legendary wardrobe to eBay to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, giving collectors and fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece
Nordstrom Rack to Open New 30,000 Square-Foot Store in Fischer Marketplace, Minnesota
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Seattle-based fashion retailer Nordstrom, Inc. (NYSE: JWN) announced plans to open a new Nordstrom Rack in Apple Valley, Minnesota in spring 2025.

“We look forward to being a part of the Apple Valley community and serving our customers with an amazing offering of great brands at great prices,” said Gemma…

BIKE Athletic Celebrates 150th Anniversary of Jockstrap With Broadway Bares Dancers in Times Square
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Yesterday, BIKE Athletic invited some of Broadway’s finest men to Times Square to shimmy and shake, dance, and disrobe down to their jockstraps in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Jockstrap and Jockstrap Appreciation Day. These talented men are dancers from Broadway Bares, the annual, larger-than-life burlesque…

Karen Millen Collaborates With Actress Nicole Ari Parker for THE ICONS VOL.6 Collection
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Karen Millen, a London-based fashion brand, has recently revealed the new face of THE ICONS VOL.6. The brand’s latest collection is a collaboration with the American actress and philanthropist Nicole Ari Parker. The collection offers a range of occasion wear and elevated wardrobe staples designed to be timeless and…