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The Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, stands as a beacon of cultural heritage, artistic expression, and historic preservation. As someone with a passion for both history and the visual arts, Valerie Grant, CFA, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum and its exceptional exhibits.

Below, Valerie Grant, CFA, shares her insights about what makes the Massachusetts icon so special.

A Unique Mission and History

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum’s core mission is to preserve and share the stories of Martha’s Vineyard. Since its founding, the museum has been dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the island’s unique history and culture.

Founded in 1922 as the Dukes County Historical Society, the Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society met in libraries, churches, and private homes until 1932, when it acquired the 1766 Cooke House in Edgartown. In 2019, after a $31M campaign, the Museum opened a new, state-of-the-art campus that boasts contemporary galleries, interactive exhibits, and wide-open outdoor spaces designed to engage visitors and provide an immersive educational experience.

According to the 2023 Annual National Snapshot of United States Museums, 66% of U.S. museums have not rebounded to their pre-pandemic attendance figures, and 25% have not returned to pre-pandemic staffing levels. But this is not the case for the Martha’s Vineyard Museum — people are coming to the campus in increasing numbers for a variety of events, exhibitions, and educational programs. It’s the hub of the artistic community in Martha’s Vineyard and a hopeful beacon for private museums nationally.

Our Big Red Dog Exhibit

The “Our Big Red Dog” exhibit is a favorite of Valerie Grant, CFA. It celebrates the beloved children’s book series Clifford the Big Red Dog,…






North Dakota Celebrates Indigenous Culture With Exciting Powwows and Cultural Experiences
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With approximately 30,000 current Native American residents and five tribal nations, Indigenous cultures are an essential part of North Dakota. Throughout the year, and with numerous events in the late summer and early fall, the state offers many opportunities to interact with and experience Native American culture, which all…

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre to Present Immersive Outdoor Performance Green Afternoon XI in East Hampton, NY
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Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre presents its eleventh engagement of Green Afternoon on Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 5 PM in a unique garden setting in East Hampton, NY. Tickets start at $150 and include the performance, wine, hors d’oeuvres, and garden installations.

Green Afternoon XI will be a moving and…

SIGGRAPH 2024 Plays Key Role in the Evolution of How Arts and Language Impact the Next Era of Computer Graphics
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As SIGGRAPH 2024 celebrates more than 50 years of bringing the world together annually as the world’s leading education experience showcasing the latest in the computer graphics industry, the conference looks toward the next 50 years while featuring findings with the Art Gallery and Art Papers programs. This…

When Graphic Design Improves People’s Lives: The Talented Chalermpol Jittagasem and His Noble Vision of Visual Communication
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The world of design is bursting with creativity and innovation, and few examples illustrate this better than the Mayo Clinic’s brochures, the Royal London Hospital’s wayfinding system, Duolingo’s vibrant illustrations, the London Underground map, the Black Lives Matter movement’s visual identity, and IKEA’s assembly instructions. Let’s dive into this…

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Alex Jiheng Bi
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The piano is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beloved and versatile musical instruments. Its ability to evoke many emotions and create intricate soundscapes is genuinely remarkable. One artist who has mastered the art of playing the piano is Alex Jiheng Bi. With his exceptional technical skill and artistic sensitivity, he has the power to bring the notes written on a score to life.

Alex Jiheng Bi is a Chinese Pianist who has gained recognition and acclaim in the music industry. Currently residing in California, Bi’s exceptional talent and unwavering passion for the piano have made him a notable figure. Known for his technical skill and artistic sensitivity, Bi’s performances leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Alex’s love for music is evident in every note he plays. His dedication to his craft is unparalleled, and he continuously seeks to push the boundaries of his abilities. Not only does Bi excel as a performer, but he also showcases his creativity through composition. His original compositions demonstrate his unique musical voice and reflect his deep understanding of the piano as an instrument.

In addition to his career as a pianist and composer, Alex also finds time to share his knowledge and passion with…

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© Vseant Nath
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Vseant Nath, a filmmaker originally from Mumbai and currently based in Atlanta, USA, a growing filmmaking hub, has crafted a heartwarming short film that blends Hollywood precision with Indian soul. Shot on Mumbai’s lively streets, the film features local and international talent, offering a unique cinematic experience.

Adventure in a Vibrant City

Shooting in Mumbai was an exhilarating journey for Vseant. The city’s energy and diversity provided a compelling setting for a story exploring an NRI’s (Non-Resident Indian) bond with street children. Born in Mumbai and raised in Kentucky, Vseant returned to his roots, capturing the city’s essence and promoting local talent.

Honoring His Roots

Creating a film in Mumbai was personally significant for Vseant. “Mumbai holds a special place in my heart,” he remarked. “Highlighting the city’s charm and the resilience of its people was an honor.”

Supporting Local Artists

Committed to working with Mumbai’s emerging actors, Vseant cast local talent, providing a platform for aspiring performers to showcase their skills. The film connected young artists with international filmmaking standards.

A Story of Compassion and Resilience

The narrative follows an NRI who befriends street kids during his Mumbai visits. Their bond strengthens, culminating in a poignant moment when the NRI, mourning his father’s death, invites the…

The Influence of Indian Culture: Artist Sakshi Doshi’s Interpretation of Abstraction in Urban Minimalism
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The intersection of abstractionism and minimalism within the urban landscape offers a riveting avenue for exploring form, space, and perception, presenting a unique lens through which the complexity of urban environments can be distilled into more understandable and aesthetically pleasing elements. This synthesis of artistic approaches allows for a…

The Task of Civil Society: Architectural Designer Aishwarya Pai’s Contribution to Los Angeles Homeless Projects
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Los Angeles is grappling with one of the largest homeless populations in the United States, a crisis exacerbated by a confluence of multifaceted factors. As of January 2022, the homeless population in Los Angeles County was estimated to be over 66,000 individuals. The primary drivers of homelessness in this…

Portraits of Courage: George W. Bush’s Art Exhibition Comes to EPCOT at Walt Disney World
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Walt Disney World will host dozens of portraits of service members and veterans from the nation’s Painter-in-Chief. Earlier, the company announced its plans to host “Portraits of Courage: A Commander’s Tribute to America’s Warriors,” a special exhibition from the George W. Bush Institute, at The American Adventure pavilion in…

Shifandi Sun: The Designer Who Knows How to Combine the Elegance of Chinese Tradition With the Rationalism of Modern Western Design
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Shifandi Sun is a renowned designer with a unique talent for seamlessly integrating the rich traditions of Chinese culture with the pragmatism and rationalism of Western design. In Shifandi’s portfolio, this ability translates into a harmonious blend that pays homage to Chinese culture’s heritage and embraces modern functionality. The…

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IFF announces second round of funding, additional $3 million awarded to Chicago's Cultural Treasures Grantees
By / Finance Reporter

Administered by IFF, Chicago’s Cultural Treasures (ChiTreasures) announced a second round of grant funding, totaling $3 million, to be distributed to the 40 current ChiTreasures grantees.

Launched in 2021 as a regional component of the Ford Foundation’s America’s Cultural Treasures, and co-created with the Chicago arts community, ChiTreasures is a race-conscious initiative that aims to strengthen, grow, and preserve organizations whose mission is to enable the creation, preservation, and dissemination of art stemming from BIPOC traditions, leadership, and culture.

The first round of grantmaking awarded $14 million to 40 BIPOC-led and -focused arts and culture organizations representing a diverse group of artforms, neighborhoods, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and contributions to Chicago’s history, vibrancy, and identity. These organizations serve as important neighborhood anchors, helping to ensure that experiences and stories from the communities they serve are shared and heard. In addition to the funding, grantees were provided technical assistance to help further support their sustainability, covering topics such as fundraising, board development, marketing communications, financial management, and facilities planning and support. The Ford Foundation provides funding as part of America’s Cultural Treasures; philanthropist MacKenzie Scott; and a Chicago-based funding collaborative comprising The Joyce Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Polk Bros. Foundation, Terra Foundation for American Art, and Walder Foundation.

“One of the goals of ChiTreasures is to provide the grantees with opportunities to reach financial sustainability – through grants and technical assistance,” said Tara Townsend, President of IFF’s Social Impact Accelerator. “Both grants and technical assistance have been provided over the last three years,…


The Metropolitan Museum of Art Returns 14 Sculptures to Cambodia
The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced on Tuesday that it
Fun and Functional: Striking the Right Balance in Volunteer Group Names
The name of your volunteer group is just as important
Midwest Home Design Awards Open for Entries: Recognizing Excellence in Residential and Commercial Design
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Greenspring Media, publisher of Midwest Home magazine, has launched the fourth annual Midwest Home Design Awards to recognize the best of the best in residential and commercial design. Beginning today and running through 11:59 p.m. CT on July 31, 2024, builders, architects, remodelers, designers, and artists can enter projects…

ArtsWestchester Appoints Kathleen Reckling as New CEO
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After an extensive national search, ArtsWestchester‘s Board of Directors announced the appointment of Kathleen Reckling as its new CEO, effective July 1, 2024. She is succeeding Janet Langsam who, after 33 years of stalwart leadership at ArtsWestchester bolstering the county’s cultural infrastructure, is transitioning from CEO to CEO…

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Elects Janice Y. K. Lee as Elective Trustee
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The Board of Trustees of The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that it has elected Janice Y. K. Lee as an Elective Trustee. The election took place at the May 9, 2024 meeting of the Board and was announced by Candace K. Beinecke and Hamilton (“Tony”) E. James, Co-Chairs…

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© The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Following The Met’s December 2023 announcement of their deaccession and repatriation, the works will now be physically returned to the care of Cambodia

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced on Tuesday that it is physically returning to the care of Cambodia 14 sculptures that the Museum deaccessioned last year. The repatriation follows the launch of The Met’s Cultural Property Initiative, which includes undertaking a focused review of works in the collection as well as the hiring of Lucian Simmons in a newly-created Head of Provenance position and additional provenance researchers. The 14 works, along with two sculptures already returned to the Kingdom of Thailand, were deaccessioned in December 2023 in connection with the Southern District of New York’s investigation of dealer Douglas Latchford. The Museum is continuing to review its collection of Khmer art and remains in constructive dialogue with Cambodia.

“The Met is committed to the responsible collecting of art and the shared stewardship of the world’s cultural heritage,” said Max Hollein, The Met’s Marina Kellen French Director and Chief Executive Officer. “We have made significant investments in accelerating the proactive and collaborative research of our collection, and we are dedicated to acting promptly when new information arises—as demonstrated by this group of sculptures. This is a milestone moment in our ongoing work, and we are honored to collaborate with Cambodia on this…



Fun and Functional: Striking the Right Balance in Volunteer Group Names

Keller / RH
The name of your volunteer group is just as important as the goals and missions of your organization. When people select an organization to contribute to, the first thing they
North Dakota Prioritizes Accessibility in Statewide Tourism Attractions
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In addition to North Dakota’s stunning landscapes and warm hospitality, the state’s tourism attractions are committed to ensuring accessibility for all. Whether you’re a resident or planning a vacation, the beauty of North Dakota, both outdoors and within many of the world-class museums, is increasingly accessible to everyone.

Here are…

Stories and Magic in the Digital Age of Filmmaking?
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In the dynamic world of filmmaking, Dmitriy Usov stands out with his unique blend of magical realism, science fiction, and dark fantasy. Based in Los Angeles, this Cypriot-Russian filmmaker delves deep into human relationships, desire, and deception, captivating audiences with his storytelling prowess.

With a portfolio that spans music videos,…

Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre Presents Green Afternoon XI in East Hampton, NY
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Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre presents its eleventh engagement of Green Afternoon on Saturday, July 13, 2024 at 5pm in a unique garden setting in East Hampton, NY. Tickets include performance, wine, and hors d’oeuvres, and garden installations, and start at $150.

Green Afternoon XI will be a moving and immersive…