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The Metropolitan Museum of Art. © Spencer Platt
Following its debut at The Met, the exhibition will travel to the Tate Modern (February 24–August 29, 2022)

Nearly from its inception, Surrealism has had an international scope, but understanding of the movement has come primarily through a Western European orientation. The major exhibition Surrealism Beyond Borders reconsiders the true “movement” of Surrealism beyond boundaries of geography and chronology—presenting it as networks that span Eastern Europe to the Caribbean, Asia to North Africa, and Australia to Latin America. Including examples from almost eight decades, produced across at least 45 countries, the exhibition offers a fresh appraisal of some of the collective concerns and exchanges—as well as historical, national, and local distinctions—that will recast appreciation of this most revolutionary and globe-spanning movement. Surrealism Beyond Borders will be on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art October 11, 2021, through January 30, 2022.

The exhibition is made possible by the Barrie A. and Deedee Wigmore Foundation.

Additional support is provided by the Placido Arango Fund, the Gail and Parker Gilbert Fund, Alice Cary Brown and W.L. Lyons Brown, the John Pritzker Family Fund, and The International Council of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The exhibition is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities.

It is organized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Tate Modern.

Max Hollein, Marina Kellen French Director of The Met, said, “Surrealism is an ‘ism’ of the art world that really went global—and its universal and complex artistic language has had a lasting effect on creative imagination and production for decades. While many are familiar with Surrealism, this show is full of surprises and discoveries. Surrealism is often presented as a canonical, monolithic movement, this important exhibition repositions it as something more dynamic and connected that has enabled artists to imagine the world beyond their present artistic, cultural, social, or political situation—and continues to do so today….






Hicks Outlines Strategy to Thwart Sexual Assault in Military
In DOD’s implementation roadmap, the deputy secretary said DOD will make foundational investments to support
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Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with the P5 Foreign Ministers
Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken convened yesterday with Foreign Ministers of the People’s Republic of China,
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Bruce Munro Returns to Longwood Gardens With New Exhibition ‘Light’
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Longwood Gardens, one of the world’s great horticultural displays, announced that it will welcome back artist Bruce Munro to present Light: Installations by Bruce Munro, a garden-wide exhibition on view June 30 through October 30, 2022.

“Longwood is thrilled to present the work of Bruce Munro 10 years after the…

Robert Raczyk: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Art Industry
The Ritz Herald

Some people change the way the world sees things. They share their view of things with the rest of us, changing our perspectives forever. One of these talented visionaries is Robert Raczyk. 

An extensive range of talents makes the artist unstoppable

Most artists find a niche that makes them feel…

Canon Helps Empower Aspiring Photojournalists through its Support of the Eddie Adams Workshop
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Building on its commitment to foster young talent through the power of technology, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced its participation as a lead supporter of the esteemed Eddie Adams Workshop. The workshop is an annual program that offers a unique learning environment for young…

Shorty Opens With World Premiere as Part of the NBA Films for Fans Program at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival
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Director Romeo Candido’s Shorty has seen its world premiere screening as part of the NBA Films for Fans Program at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. The short film features a father giving his daughter a history lesson on one of the smallest, yet greatest NBA players in the…

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Ahmad Joudeh. © Julien Benhamou
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Dance or Die: From Stateless Refugee to International Ballet Star: A Memoir

Imagine Publishing announces today the release of Dance or Die: From Stateless Refugee to International Ballet Star: A Memoir in which world-renowned ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh shares his story of growing up in the Al-Yarmouk camp in Syria, a stateless refugee descended from Palestinians who fled war in the 1940s, and his determination to overcome life-or-death circumstances to achieve his dreams.

From his childhood in the camp to the dangers of living and studying in the middle of a war to extremists threatening to kill him if he dared to dance and teach children to dance. Performing with one of Syria’s top dance companies, Ahmad not only ignored these threats but also, at the exact place where an executioner’s blade would fall, had his neck tattooed with the words “Dance or Die.” He wanted that to be last thing they would see if they followed through with their threats.

Dance or Die paints a picture of life as a stateless refugee in Syria, of the pursuit of personal expression in the most dangerous circumstances, and of the power of art to transcend war and suffering. Ahmad leads readers from Damascus to Beirut to Amsterdam, where in spite of his statelessness, he…

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The Pere Marquette Council 271 baseball team of Boston, Mass., 1915. © Knights of Columbus
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Knights of Columbus Baseball: An American Story premiering October 1, 2021

Beginning October 1, 2021, The Blessed Michael McGivney Pilgrimage Center will display an online exhibition centering on the Knights of Columbus connection with baseball, which spans almost a century and a half.

The game of baseball historically is known as America’s Pastime. It has been played professionally for more than a century and has produced events, players, and venues that are enduring in American lore.

Beyond the fame and legend, however, is a less considered but significant dimension of the game. Baseball unites people. Whether at a professional ballpark, a community diamond or a church picnic, baseball brings people together in activity and in spirit.

Blessed Michael McGivney (1852-1890) realized this. He played the game as a seminarian and introduced it to others during his priesthood. Andrew Fowler has researched the Knights of Columbus founder’s attraction to baseball. Many who followed him shared his affection for the game. Some enjoyed it social and recreationally; others pursued it passionately, even to the Hall of Fame.

For the Knights of Columbus, the game served as an early avenue of assimilation for Catholic immigrants and first-generation Americans. Today, baseball continues to serve as a path toward spiritual bonds and friendship for Knights and their families. These…

‘Provoking Thoughts Through the Realms of Reality’ – Eslam Hozayen, Film Director Hopes to Redefine Art by Focusing Solely on the Wonders of the Human Brain
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When you’re looking for a film to watch, it can be tempting to pick something that is light and fluffy. You might want something that will make you laugh or feel good. However, sometimes it’s good to look at the world from a different perspective – one that isn’t…

Kobe Bryant Inspired KB24 NFT Art on Course to Raise Millions for Foundation
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Within just 48 hours of announcing the creation of the KB24 NFT, the team behind the Kobe Bryant-inspired project shared via Discord that they already reached 7,000 reservation requests. The site began a rollout of presale code reservations to lucky fans who signed up on before Sept. 13,…

New Exclusive Club Partners With Historical Society to Honor Past and Current Local Community Pillars
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The Pillars Club recently opened in Jacksonville, FL. The private members-only establishment was founded on the mission to support those who give back to the community. To maintain this commitment, The Pillars Club has partnered with the Jacksonville Historical Society to honor those who have given to Jacksonville throughout…

PenFed Foundation Raises Record $1.2M for Veterans and Military Community at 18th Annual Military Heroes Golf Classic
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The PenFed Foundation joined 280 community and business leaders to raise $1.2 million to support veterans and the military community at the 18th annual Military Heroes Golf Classic on Monday, September 13. This is the most successful fundraising year in the Golf Classic’s 18-year history.

“We are thrilled to have…

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Nerio (active late 13th and early 14th centuries). © The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Rogers Fund, 12.56.1
Medieval Bologna: Art for a University City November 5, 2021-January 30, 2022
By / Culture Editor

The Frist Art Museum presents Medieval Bologna: Art for a University City, the first major museum exhibition in the United States to focus on medieval art made in the prosperous northern Italian city of Bologna. Conceived and organized by Frist Art Museum senior curator Trinita Kennedy, the exhibition of illuminated manuscripts, paintings, and sculptures will be on view in the Frist’s Upper-Level Galleries from November 5, 2021, through January 30, 2022.

The nearly 70 objects in the exhibition span from 1230 to 1400, from the first great flowering of manuscript illumination in Bologna to the beginnings of the construction and decoration of the ambitious Basilica of San Petronio in the city’s Piazza Maggiore. On view will be many illuminated law textbooks, which are fascinating for their distinctive page layouts and iconography as well as their notable size and heft. The works are drawn primarily from American libraries, museums, and private collections, including the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Library of Congress, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, the New York Public Library, and Princeton University Library. Loans are also being sought from the Museo Civico Medievale in Bologna.

The exhibition explores how medieval Bologna, with its porticoed streets, towers, communal buildings, main piazza, and mendicant churches, became a center for higher learning at the end of the Middle Ages. Home to the oldest university in Europe, Bologna fostered a unique artistic culture with its large population of sophisticated readers. The city became the preeminent center of manuscript production…


LuminoCity Festival Returns for Anticipated 2021 Holiday Season
LuminoCity Inc., a multimedia entertainment company that transforms captivating stories
Massacci: Clever, Classy and Controversial
We recently had an opportunity to sit down with acclaimed
New Tupac Shakur Documentary ‘Born Busy’ to Be Used as Critical Tool in Reinforcing Arts in Education
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Darrin Keith Bastfield, author of ‘Back in the Day: My life and times with Tupac Shakur’ (first published in 2002 by Random House/One World/Ballantine) is currently in the process of producing his book based docufilm, “Born Busy.” The docufilm is geared to aid arts education in colleges, universities, libraries,…

Marine Composes 9/11 Musical Tribute for 20th Anniversary
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In honor of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band premieres an original piece of music composed by Assistant Director Maj. Ryan J. Nowlin. In a special video production, the composition’s first performance was captured under the glowing stained glass of the Washington National…

Norilsk Nickel Increases Financial Support for Indigenous Peoples of the North of Russia
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One of the largest nickel producers, Norilsk Nickel, provided additional funding to the indigenous people of the Russian north – living on the Taimyr Peninsula. This was announced by the donor of the program in a press release.

Funding has been increased, including on the basis of an appeal by…

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Set upon a world lit-up with towering luminous sculptures, The LuminoCity Festival will take you to dazzling new worlds. © LuminoCity Festival
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Festival goers in Long Island, NY & Fairfax County, VA are invited to experience the immersive wonderland of lights

LuminoCity Inc., a multimedia entertainment company that transforms captivating stories into multidimensional experiences, announced the return of its one-of-a-kind holiday event, LuminoCity Festival, with its 2021 festival theme, ‘Shine Again.’ Inspired by the power and warmth of light overcoming the darkness, the LuminoCity Festival features exhibitions of spectacular light art displays and is a celebration of cultures and the world around us. Touted by TimeOut Magazine as a must-see experience, we are so excited to show you a brand new experience this year!

For the first time ever, the LuminoCity festival will be taking place in 2 different locations — Roer’s Zoofari in Fairfax County, Virginia (opening October 15) and Clark Botanic Gardens in Long Island, New York (opening November 12) — local residents and families are invited to venture through the forest of warm glowing lights.

“We are excited to announce the details for our third annual LuminoCity Festival, which we are thrilled to host in two new locations this year,” said Xiaoyi Chen, CEO of LuminoCity. “As one of the only expansive holiday experiences to safely open in 2020, it was an honor for us to bring some hope and joy to many individuals and…



Massacci: Clever, Classy and Controversial

Keller / RH
We recently had an opportunity to sit down with acclaimed artist James Massacci. Founder and master creator of Massacci Art, he shared some exclusive insights on his upcoming Saatchi show
9/11 Pentagon Survivors Talk With High School, College Students About Experience
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When American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon at approximately 9:37 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, Cassandra Johnson said she had barely noticed.

Johnson now serves as the associate deputy general counsel for the Office of the Army General Counsel. In 2001, she worked as a civilian within the…

Senior CNN Pentagon Correspondent Recalls 9/11
The Ritz Herald

On Sept. 11, 2001, she was like the rest of Americans. Starr was working as a producer for ABC News then and woke up early to get a head start on the day. Sept. 11 is her birthday, and she was looking forward to an easy day and maybe…

Palm Springs Air Museum Aircraft to Conduct a 9/11 Fly Over in Honor of Our First Responders
The Ritz Herald

Today, seven Palm Springs Air Museum aircraft will do a fly over the Coachella Valley and the High Desert in honor to local First Responders on the Twentieth Anniversary of the 9/11 attack that claimed 2,977 lives.

The aircraft will carry flags honoring local service personnel and the Gold Star…