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Zoom Fashion Week “ZFW” – Where Everyone Is Invited to Sit Front-Row

Liv Schreiber shaping an exclusive online program for future style + marketing innovators

Published on January 21, 2021

Founder of digital marketing agency, Brand Caffeine, and fashion Liv Schreiber is taking the virtual world by storm. With so many young people “stuck at home”, Schreiber noticed a mutual burning desire amongst young followers to gain insight into the fashion industry… and has since curated a virtual program, launching January 21st through February 24th.

Having been an asset in the launch of Spanx activewear & working alongside the fashion week launch at Teen Vogue, it is no surprise that Schreiber is now a go-to style expert for over 30,000 on Instagram and Tiktok. In regard to using her personal brand for good, Schreiber explained, ” If you have a voice- no matter how big or small- you must use it to help others. I saw this program – and my curious audience- as an opportunity to explore deep connections with industry leaders. Why not invite over 300 zoom “students” to tune in, strategize, network, and connect for free? It was simply a no-brainer.” The students for ZFW range in gender, age, and experience. All are welcome, and the program is free.

Beginning on January 21st, Liv will host the first ever “ZFW” (Zoom Fashion Week)…where everyone is invited to sit front-row in a discussion-based, class experience. Schreiber and her team are offering this month-long program consisting of intensive homework and hands-on experiences for the participants to tune in. The guests include:

With the growing feeling of isolation amongst young people, the goal of Zoom Fashion Week is to create a community of like-minded people…with the hope of cultivating an online audience that can hear stories and experiences of experts. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to pursue a final project, have private “office hours” and get invaluable advice from experts in the industry! All are welcome, as Liv believes that there’s no age limit or experience necessary when it comes to hustle and motivation.

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