ZINE is the First Magazine for Modeling Content Creators

Published on June 22, 2021

Numerous modeling-content-subscription platforms have grown exponentially in the past few years, gaining immense popularity recently. These platforms have been an incredible money-making opportunity for many. Those in the industry who lost business during the pandemic were able to reach new customers, and opportunistic amateurs built a strong following.

There are over 1 million content creators on these kinds of modeling platforms, but many of them are already established influencers with a huge fan following. With more people joining these platforms each day, it can be a challenge for new content creators to make an impact.

This niche challenge was a lightbulb moment for ZINE founder Arjunkrishna Sher. He realized that novice models striving to build their business were in need of effective learning resources.

That’s when he created ZINE: the first-ever magazine specifically focused on helping modeling newbies on certain content creation platforms to increase their earnings.

After in-depth research on the content industry and experiences of top models, Sher narrowed down the most important, helpful information that new users needed. ZINE is infused with this knowledge, transforming it into helpful resources for new creators.

What exactly does ZINE include? Here are a few of the beneficial parts of this groundbreaking magazine.

Message Templates for PPV Content

ZINE’s focus is on revenue earned through PPV (pay per view) content. Sher’s research showed that PPV is one of the most efficient ways to earn money on these platforms, with experienced creators making up to 80% of their income from PPV content. Each issue of ZINE provides message templates that can translate into PPV earnings.

Social Media Captions

Social media is one of the biggest ways content creators can earn new followers and subscribers. For those without a social media presence, ZINE recommends captions and posts to grow an online presence. This way, they can expand awareness of their work and increase their earnings.

Sample Messages and Chatting Scripts

Having enticing conversations is a strong way for models to build fan loyalty, which builds PPV earnings. ZINE provides templates for fan conversations, good morning and good night messages, attention-grabbing posts, and more, to help creators learn how got effectively communicate with their fans. 

Complete Video Scripts

ZINE has introduced complete video scripts that include dialogue, suggested tone of voice, and even facial expressions models can use to make impactful videos. 

Product Recommendations

Every issue of ZINE comes with recommendations on clothing and accessories to enhance videos. This will save time and energy that models would otherwise spend hunting down new items.


ZINE includes tips and guidance to help models grow the income they have made from content-monetization platforms. This includes tax-advise, money-saving tips, cryptocurrency news, and other helpful information which can help models save and grow the money they have earned. 


As a newbie to content monetization platforms, knowing exactly how to market and position oneself is crucial to growth. Every ZINE contains detailed strategies which models can use to promote themselves on social media, to create stunning content, and to monetize their audience to gain a massive competitive advantage over the plethora of new models signing up to such platforms daily.

By providing research-based content on a weekly basis, ZINE aims to help new creators multiply their earnings. It’s a game-changer for anyone trying to establish themselves in the industry. The opportunities for growth are there for the taking, just by subscribing to ZINE!

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