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Zac XCVIII is the Next YouTube Star!

Published on September 08, 2021

Zac XCVIII is an American Content Creator from Grand Rapids, Michigan who currently lives in Europe (Germany). He is known for his short videos on TikTok and Instagram which has brought him a lot of attention. In the world of YouTube, you will notice that there are many successful content creators. Zac has recently become known for his Vlogs & Pranks on his YouTube Channel. Some of his pranks include, “Funny Street Interview Topic Prank”, “Fake Rappers Prank in Italy” & “Asking Germans if Virginity Rocks.”

Zac is currently ranking in over 100+ million views and over 170k+ followers through all platforms. You can find him on all platforms @ZacXCVIII. Zac is pursuing what he loves to do and he is glad that he can pursue his ambitions. This is thanks to his loyal supporters. Zac told press: “My fans are amazing! Every time I go into the city, I am approached with love and support from my fans. I love getting photos with them and spreading positivity!”

Zac continues to create amazing content and the fanbase continues to grow. Zac has many idols that he is influenced by. He said his main inspirations are Danny Duncan, Logan Paul & Will Smith. Zac told press that he plans to do content in both the USA & Europe. Zac also plans to collab with other YouTube Influencers to create amazing content for everyone to enjoy.

Check Out the Internet Personality Zac XCVIII and you will thank us later!

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