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Yung Gecko Is Making Big Strides in the Music Industry

Published on February 08, 2021

Having only begun his online music journey in 2020, Yung Gecko is relatively new with his digital footprint, yet his musical roots trace back to young age. As early as Yung Gecko can remember, he was always exposed to a wide variety of music, always playing in his abode.

In 3rd grade, Yung Gecko was allowed to learn the recorder and his other classmates and found a lot of joy in playing it. In 4th grade, Yung Gecko joined the band and chose to play the alto saxophone, which he continues to play in college. Being able to produce sound through an instrument instead of just listening intrigued him a lot, and Yung Gecko decided that music would be a field he would want to pursue for the rest of his life. Wanting to further his musical knowledge, he learned another instrument, the piano, which has helped Yung Gecko in his present-day music production. When making unique melodies on a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), piano knowledge is needed to input different pitches on the virtual keyboard. Having had a strong overall musical background, Yung Gecko’s fluency with music theory has helped simplify his songs’ production process.

In 2020, Yung Gecko released 4 projects which were able to amass over 3 million streams in total. “Fake Friends” was his first single, and the lyrics discuss how difficult it is to depend on friends when at any time they can go behind your back. This song was his first serious production released to the public in which Yung Gecko was able to showcase his beat-making skills and vocal delivery.

Deciding to wait a few months and focus on school after releasing his first single, Yung Gecko released “Quiet Thots” a few months following his debut. The lyrics in this song discuss how some women are never genuine with their intentions and only speak up when they want to cause drama.

Taking yet another break in his music, Yung Gecko released the single “Time” in November 2020. Regarding production, this beat was not made by Yung Gecko himself but by his close friend Finesse. The lyrics speak upon how fast time goes by and to cherish every moment before it is gone.

Finding inspiration a month later in December, Yung Gecko sought to record his final track of 2020, “Spain.” Previewing the beat he created on TikTok, many of his fans rushed Yung Gecko to add vocals and release the entire song as soon as possible. Being motivated by the positive response, Yung Gecko worked to create a catchy hook built on the meme of the letter “S” being silent in the word “Spain” to create the word “Pain.”

The other verses speak on how many people cannot back up their words with actions when it comes to climbing the ladder of success. Having had a strong debut year as a musician, this is only the beginning of Yung Gecko’s path to future accomplishments.

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