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Widewalls Partners With DIAKSE to Offer VR Environments to the Art Sector

500.000 art lovers and collectors from 150+ countries visit Widewalls every month

Published on June 27, 2020

Widewalls, the online marketplace and magazine dedicated to modern and contemporary art, is delighted to announce a partnership with DIAKSE to offer 3D solutions in form of highly realistic virtual showrooms, and provide unique environments for marketing and experiencing art digitally. This exciting agreement grants Widewalls an exclusive right to distribute the technology throughout the art sector.

Because of its unwavering focus on e-commerces and their optimization, DIAKSE’s immersive 3D environments cater perfectly to the needs of art market players as optimized, interactive virtual worlds in which art is enjoyed, but also bought and sold.

With this new service, to be launched shortly, galleries, dealers, fairs, auction houses, advisors, museums and artists will be able to:

  • Access, select and rent 3D galleries from a library of environments available exclusively on Widewalls;
  • Organize online art exhibitions by easily selecting and showing artworks, either from their Widewalls artworks listing or by uploading them;
  • Upload simple 2D images of their artworks, including sculptures, and turn them into 3D models to be placed within the environments through easy-to-use tools;
  • Position and display art as they wish, much like they would in their physical space, accompanied by useful tips on how to make the best out of their showroom;
  • Communicate with visitors and receive information on their behavior;
  • And easily share the exhibition, which will be accessible through a simple url, on social media, by email, or on their website.

By browsing these exhibitions on Widewalls from the comfort of their home, collectors will have the opportunity to make an offer, and very soon also buy, the artworks on display directly within the showrooms.

Francis Berthomier, CEO of Widewalls, said, “This innovation complements perfectly our unique suite of services aiming at helping the traditional art sector access the online market more efficiently.”

DIAKSE CTO Florian Leray comments, “3D is not new, neither is virtual visit, but combining them in a unique technology to find a profitable business model has been our goal for the last 5 years – and today we are the European leader in virtual shopping!”

Daniel Bessières, early adopter of the DIAKSE technology, said, “Widewalls’ objective to offer qualitative, re-usable, e-commerce enabled and fairly priced VR environments is great news for the art sector!”

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