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Why Over 50,000 People Are Following Ali Saghi and Luxury Equities

Published on April 16, 2021

Venturing into the stock market is usually not an easy decision for many to make. It is usually a daunting task that most people shy away from, something that makes them uncomfortable. The stock market can be volatile and extremely risky for anyone who doesn’t have an understanding of it. Also, for a successful stock market expert, it is a lot challenging to attract a massive following on social media platforms.

But for Ali Saghi, a young stock market expert from Los Angeles, California, this is not the case. Saghi enjoys a massive social media following across various platforms thanks to his stock market lessons. Having ventured into the stock market just three years ago, Saghi has achieved tremendous success at only 16 years of age. He is currently earning big on the stock market, enjoying a monthly income of six figures. Besides trading, he also runs one of the world’s biggest stock discords with a massive base of like-minded members.

Saghi ventured into the stock market at the age of 13, following his urge and desire to create his financial freedom. He realized his dream following the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He had a lot of time to focus on stocks and trading. He achieved a lot of success when took to social media to share his knowledge with others and grow his knowledge on stocks. He had a self-belief that he could do it better than his competitors and make a better community for others. He used his social media experience while working as an influencer to start his TikTok on trading stocks. He gained a massive following on the platform with over 350k followers in five months.

He quickly transitioned to Discord after working with another big stock discord promoting their services. Working with them made him realize the underlying potential for stocks on the platform. Together with his friend Gavin Mayo, he started Luxury Equities, a stock Discord to share knowledge on stocks and the stock market. The duo rigorously used social media to promote their offering. They were able to grow their Discord to over 50,000 members in less than a month.

The secret to attracting the massive following to Luxury Equities is their unique educational approach to financial literacy. They have packaged their financial literacy lessons to fill the gap existing in the market. They do not just sell courses, instead, they have created a platform to make it easier to learn about stocks and share information about stocks and the stock market with like-minded people.

Saghi has big plans for his future. He along with Gavin Mayo is working on creating a website and app for Luxury Equities. They want to make Luxury Equities a well-known name in the stock market niche. Saghi also wants to start his own hedge fund in the future. He is very active on social media including Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat where can be reached.

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