Why Is the Newly Released UONI Robot Vacuum A1 Pro an “All-Powerful New Species”?

Published on November 01, 2021

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, improved living standards, and the rise of younger consumer groups born in the 90s and 00s, the robot vacuum market ushered in rapid growth and explosion. The pandemic has ushered in a new idea of what home life should be, easing the workload of home occupants while working from home by having mundane tasks such as cleaning being automated. In the first half of 2021, retail sales of the robot vacuum units reached 2.8 million units with a value of 5.3 billion yuan, up 39% from the previous year.

Although consumers are adopting robot vacuums, there are limitations of robot vacuum technology such as manual replacement and cleaning of the mop cloth, water tank, and so on. They are not entirely freeing the user from the mundane task of cleaning.

Due to these inconveniences, consumers are hesitant to invest in a robot vacuum that isn’t wholly automatic and hassle-free.

On October 15th UONI, a global brand focused on the smart home robot vacuum, released the first Real-Time Self-Cleaning Water Sweeping Robot A1 Pro. It addressed the consumers’ inconveniences and worries.

Let’s take a look at how the A1 Pro addresses these inconveniences and worries. By being a whole new beast and machine of its own.

The first wash real-time self-cleaning system, the perfect solution to the “drag dirtier” industry pain point

The drag and clean methods have been the standard cleaning mechanics of robot vacuums. However, this method has its flaws. The longer the cloth is used in cleaning, the more dirt buildup is on the fabric and dragged on the floor.

Why Is The Newly Released UONI Robot Vacuum A1 Pro An "All-powerful New Species"?

In response to this, the UONI A1 Pro is equipped with the self-developed UDeepCleanTM and AIR+H2O deep cleaning system. UdeepClean and AIR-H2O keep the brush and mop cloth clean all the time, even while operating. This is done by having a clean water tank onboard the robot and a strong particle scraper to keep the cloth clean. The onboard water tank consistently cleans and cycles the water across the mop cloth, ensuring a clean mop cloth during use. This is all done onboard the robot without it even going back to the docking station.

Unlike conventional robot vacuums that rely on manual cleaning of the mopping cloth or back to dock cleaning, UONI’s real-time self-cleaning roller brush is more timely, efficient, sanitary, and thorough. It solved the “drag and clean” problem of cleaning robots, ushering in the new 3.0 revolution of automated home cleaning.

Automatic water cycle filtration and six-in-one all-around dock station, so that “hassle-free cleaning” is no longer a slogan

A1 Pro’s UDeepCleanTM AIR+H2O deep cleaning system is designed with an automatic water circulation filtration system inside the robot vacuum, eliminating the need for constant water changes. The all-in-one docking station with a 5.0l capacity tank equipped with a water sterilization and filtration system ensures that the stored water for the robot vacuum always remains clean and sanitary, reducing the need to change the water in the tank constantly. It provides that each refill that the robot obtains is clean and fresh.

Why Is The Newly Released UONI Robot Vacuum A1 Pro An "All-powerful New Species"?

Automatic refilling is not just the only function of the all-in-one dock station. The docking station has a 45-degree mop cloth dryer, electrolysis water sterilizer tank, and self-emptying robot bin. It makes cleaning genuinely hassle-free.

Hidden Lidar s 3D line laser, farewell to dead ends and “artificial intellectual disabilities”

The invention of the home cleaning robot has helped us do away with the mundane and back-bending work of home cleaning. However, many out there still have home cleaning robots that get stuck under furniture or just mindlessly run into the wall.

Traditional home cleaning robots commonly use Lidar in mapping and maneuvering around their working space. A1 Pro’s U Line Laser 3D technology reduces the thickness of the robot, allowing it to go under hard-to-reach places and keeping those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies dust-free.

Why Is The Newly Released UONI Robot Vacuum A1 Pro An "All-powerful New Species"?

UONI’s ULineLaserTM 3D smart avoidance mapping system helps the robot avoid obstacles with a degree of accuracy to mms. The robot vacuum also uses lidar mapping and detection technology to ensure maximum privacy of users compared to camera-operated robots, even in the bathroom and toilets.

UONI A1 Pro is equipped with an ASARTM-V13 artificial intelligence algorithm that senses the change in ground material and texture – automatically changing the cleaning modes of the robot, adjusting the output and power of the robot’s vacuum motor.

UONI’s A1 Pro’s innovation of voice activation and remote APP access allows users to access the robot vacuum at ease. Allowing the robot vacuum to clean the house and self-clean itself with each use creates a truly hassle-free home cleaning solution. Ushering in the era Home Cleaning 3.0.

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