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Why Big Companies Like Google Hire Runway Waiters for Their Events

Published on April 29, 2021

The most prominent companies in the world today are in awe of the services Runway Waiters has to offer. Ferrari, Google, Facebook, and Louis Vuitton are just some of the largest brands that have experienced the quality, excellence, and beauty of the Runway Waiters’ catering services.

Hosting an event or a party filled with influential people and potential investors can be a stressful job. However, Runway Waiters can help lighten the burden. This luxury promotional staffing agency might be the solution to hosting a more glamorous, fun, and sophisticated event. Check out

Why Some of the Biggest Companies Commend Runway Waiters

To work with a few successful large companies is already an achievement, but to have them as consistent clients is a fantastic feat. There are numerous reasons why these prestigious firms choose Runway Waiters to cater their events, and here are some of them.

Their staff are skilled, talented, and beautiful

Runway Waiters take pleasure in their highly trained and efficient staff. They also take pride in being the only firm that builds strong relationships with top model agencies all over the United States.

Runway Waiters lives up to the saying, “Beauty lies in the details,” by having their models take care of every aspect of the event. These attractive men and women are flexible and versatile enough to be excellent greeters, bartenders, servers, and caterers. The staff of Runway Waiters proves that their talents cannot only be seen on runways. They are trained to become an exceptional serving workforce as well.

Brand ambassadors and promotional models

The management’s lovely individuals are also carefully chosen for their pleasing and charismatic personalities. Having a charming character is essential because these models must know how to become brand ambassadors and promotional models for these large companies. They are tasked to talk and incite the interest of influential people who may be potential investors.

Furthermore, brand ambassadors and promotional models are not assigned only to make pretty poses. They are very well trained in maintaining the company’s esteemed brand, image, and professional persona. They are also tasked to demonstrate products and interact with the guests.

The staff and the clients

Runway Waiters’ workforce is meticulously selected from fashion agencies like Ford, Click, and Elite. The models’ faces can be seen in numerous billboards and runways situated in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston.

They have also worked with other companies, such as Ralph Lauren, Veuve Clicquot, Maserati, and Perrier Jouet. As usual, their excellent services have these famed firms look to Runway Waiters each time they want to host a unique and luxurious event with models as quality servers.


Say goodbye to boring parties because Runway Waiters can help any company host a lively, vibrant, and chic event for any celebration. Their creativity, respect for customers, and keenness to detail truly show how committed they are to being one of the best and most revered staffing agencies operating today.

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