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When Luxury Becomes Ubiquity: TARO ISHIDA Launches a New Line That Reinvents the Classic Opulence of the High Heel

Published on February 03, 2022

Already dominating luxury designer women’s footwear, brand TARO ISHIDA is now launching a new highly anticipated collection that will elevate this esteemed craft to new heights. TARO ISHIDA’s new ATELIER line succeeds in reinventing luxury by fusing fashion, jewelry, and art. The new edit promises to offer a decadent wearable luxury, an article of exquisite jewelry, and a collectible work of art. Something that can truly be worn now and loved forever.

Jewelry and footwear have a long history with the most expensive pair of shoes in history being a fusion of the two expert crafts. To mark the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz 4,600 gemstones were used to remake the legendary ruby slippers. After two months of meticulous craftsmanship, the final slippers were auctioned for $3 million. The most luxurious women’s shoes can be routinely embellished with jewels and the best heels should always be made with lavish materials, that look beautiful and feel comfortable. Setting a new gold standard, and taking their place alongside the world’s greatest shoe designers is the Amsterdam-based brand TARO ISHIDA.

When Luxury Becomes Ubiquity: TARO ISHIDA Launches a New Line That Reinvents the Classic Opulence of the High Heel

Founded in 2018, by Amsterdam-born, Japanese-educated Taro Ishida, the company reflects Ishida’s interest in artisan craftsmanship, technical excellence, and dramatic architecture. After initially training at the Technical University in Delft, Ishida gained vital design experience working alongside the architect Nick Albers. Seeing parallels between architectural structures that shape how humans live and the structural apparel that shapes our bodies, Ishida became interested in footwear, and more specifically, high heels. For him, they had the power to elevate and transform the physical body and demeanor of every woman. In 2014 Ishida relocated to Milan to study shoemaking at Ars Sutoria and in 2016 moved to Tokyo to study under master bespoke shoemaker Noriyuki Misawa. With the training, respect, and architectural aesthetic, the resulting TARO ISHIDA heel quickly became a trusted favorite with the likes of Hailey Bieber and Lady Gaga.

To date, the TARO ISHIDA collections have featured the most refined python leathers, velvets, imperial satins, patent calf leathers, fine embroidery, semi-precious stones all with gold and silver hardware detailing. But the new ATELIER line promises to elevate things further.

When Luxury Becomes Ubiquity: TARO ISHIDA Launches a New Line That Reinvents the Classic Opulence of the High Heel

The 365 Collection, part of the new ATELIER range, features 365 brilliant-cut diamonds. They are set in 18ct white or yellow gold in the toe tip, encircling the anodized titanium heel and set into the T logo under the heel arch. Combined with the refined leathers, satins and now hand-dyed crocodile leathers, Ishida has framed black obsidian, malachite or Ruby Zoisite stones in dazzling diamonds. Retaining the signature brand DNA, the 365 Collection celebrates the ingenuity and skill of the finest artisans in the world.

Available exclusively and by invitation only, the heels will be offered to the brand’s most VIP clients. With each heel made to the highest artisanal standards, this level of craftsmanship cannot be rushed and TARO ISHIDA’s remaining loyal customers will have to wait a little longer before they can get their hands on a pair. But in the words of Andy Warhol, “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.”

Shoe aficionados can be the first in the know when the ATELIER line is made available by following TARO ISHIDA on Instagram.

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