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VOYR Empowers Creators to Build Meaningful, Rewarding Relationships With Fans

Published on October 06, 2021

Overnight success is elusive, and few content creators take the world by storm on their first go. It takes many attempts, plus sweat and tears thrown into the mix, for many people to even get their name recognized beyond their inner circle.

In an increasingly cutthroat digital marketplace, creators face further challenges such as beating algorithms and paying high percentage cuts to streaming platforms or third-party sites. These barriers not only affect profitability, but also serve as a source of frustration for creators who want to share their original work with others.

Enrique Barreto, founder of the content-sharing platform VOYR, may have found the solution. Barreto moved to the U.S. from Puerto Rico in 1989, and at 50 years old, he has established himself as a source of extensive business knowledge – with a passion for pop culture.

Always willing to put in the hard work needed to work his way up, he started out in lowly positions before going to college. He has worked in marketing, sales, and support, along with the technical departments of several startups. Although he first met VOYR’s co-founder Dave Siles in 2014, the two did not officially start the company until early 2021.

Enrique’s eclectic business background places him in a unique position to understand the struggles most content creators experience on the uphill journey to profitability. His company is deeply passionate about connecting creators with their fans to help them navigate these challenges, and build long-lasting relationships based on trust and transparency. Experienced creators seeking to keep more of their fans’ contributions, alongside new creators just starting on the path to monetizing their services, both have a place as members of the inclusive community of VOYR.

VOYR is the first content subscription service of its kind, a social community exchange platform run on a blockchain. Unlike other social platforms, content creators on VOYR have the chance to monetize their creations using the $VOYRME token, an open, governed, and decentralized cryptocurrency. This payment method ensures that no one else can claim ownership of the content, and that the creator gets full credit for their original works.

Besides ownership of content, VOYR is introducing other inspiring features every content creator will appreciate. Content creators on the platform will have the option of interacting with their fans by creating and sharing posts publicly. Additionally, they can also choose to share privately, if they want to prevent their content from being posted on other sites. Whether creations are shared publicly or privately, the end result is a deeper relationship and stronger bond between the creator and the fan.

Furthermore, creators can offer monthly subscriptions, and can even create one-of-a-kind collectibles called “Memories”. The fans can purchase, hold, or resell the collectibles, which pay lifelong royalties directly to the creator. Since VOYR has no content limitations, users can create and collect earnings from as much content as they are able to produce.

As an added bonus, the creator has the ability to set their own prices, and since there is no cut going to a third-party or middleman, they will earn more with each transaction. As a content creator, your subscribers also get to support you and pay for your creations with a $VOYRME token. As more users subscribe to the VOYR platform, the overall value of your $VOYRME token can also increase, resulting in more profit over the long term.

Because of his own personal background, Enrique’s goal has always been to create a corporation that gives back. Every time a $VOYRME token is bought or sold by any of its users, the transaction fees get split into reallocation pools. One pool goes back into the total $VOYRME token pool, further increasing value for all token holders, and another goes to a pool for charity. The charity of choice lies in the hands of the users, and is collectively voted on by the community.

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