Vintage Muscle Review: What Makes Vintage Muscle Special

Published on February 24, 2022

“Vintage Muscle is all about creating easy-to-use muscle building stacks for the average gym-goer.”

Those are the words of Jared Van Yperen, the owner of Vintage Muscle, who is passionate about helping people hit their fitness and muscle-building goals no matter their age or genetics.

“What makes our products so special is that we go out and find state-of-the-art ingredients and more exotic supplements that a typical supplement brand wouldn’t use,” says Van Yperen.

Van Yperen says he drew upon his own experience as a bodybuilder when he started the company. The fact that he knew what bodybuilders and celebrities were using gave him an edge when it came to developing supplements that work.

He says that the supplements used but these people were, “widely different than what was at your typical GNC or retail supplement location.”

Van Yperen says he did a lot of research in his initial days of starting Vintage Muscle and he found that there were exotic supplement companies in the market. The downside, however, was that they were majorly overpriced and didn’t often use high-quality ingredients. That’s when Van Van Yperen decided to set out and start Vintage Muscle.

“Our goal at Vintage Muscle is to find the safest over-the-counter and safe anabolic ingredients that we can use to help customers reach their physique or fitness and health goals,” says Van Yperen.

Another priority of Vintage Muscle is to create easy-to-use stacks that aren’t underdosed or overpriced.

Vintage Muscle has thousands of raving reviews from customers and they are growing in popularity each and every month. Satisfied customers have taken to the Vintage Muscle website to express their gratitude and support the Vintage Muscle stacks that worked for them.

One customer named Nate S. wrote, “Man I love the rad mass stack! I was very hesitant at first to try but I am so glad I did. At 38, finding time and energy to work out was daunting in itself. The rad mass stack gives me so much energy and I look forward to getting after it. It has been only one week and I feel overall better. Taking on each day..each workout…it’s an amazing product. Waiting on my protein to get here and will update after the 2nd bottle is gone.”

Another customer named Richard W. commented on how quick Vintage Muscle stacks work, which is not typical with the products you’d purchase at your average supplement store. Vintage Muscle works faster because of the anabolic ingredients that they use.

He says, “I’m not but two weeks in and I can tell a difference and see. Can’t wait for the 8th week and so on.”

Van Yperen goes on to say, “Oftentimes customers come to us to help them get over a hump at the gym or to offer them a little bit of advantage at the gym.”

He says that customers often feel better about themselves and in turn, begin working out even harder and going to the gym more often. Once they start to see an increase in strength and muscle mass in a short period of time, they want to further accelerate the progress and they begin transforming their lifestyle.

Van Yperen says Vintage Muscle helps people build muscle and get over any possible plateaus at the gym, and it also helps them realize their true potential, which has them inevitably pushing to achieve their goals.

If you want to learn more about vintage muscle, you can visit their official website.

Newsdesk Editor