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Viktoria Fox Lands the Cover of Forbes

Published on November 02, 2020

Viktoria Fox sits on a pillowy beige couch at her mother’s home in Beverly Hills, California, scouring through potential investors for the next real estate project. The attorney and entrepreneur needs to work with her architect on how to showcase the mixed use building that may not go well with the city. She taps her iPhone 12 and starts calling her team of zoning specialists.

“You guys, they don’t like our design. They want something more traditional, even though nothing in the master plan justifies that!”. One of the most frustrating things about real estate development is the heavy cost and loss time when a project is delayed. Fox’s investors refused to fund her project without the support of the city. But the catch-22 was that in order for her project to be completed she needed money. Cash strapped, and desperate to the point of taking out funds from her personal fortune, she called her brothers for help.

To her surprise, they offered a different proposal. Rather than lending her money, they encouraged to invest in Cryptocurrency. This was seven years ago, and she had no interest in Bitcoin, even though the mainstream media was talking about it. Despite this, she went with her gut, and the three siblings began accumulating cryptocurrency for the next four years.

Fast forward to 2017, and Bitcoin’s value had risen to $19,000 per coin. “Luckily, I always trust my brothers and it really paid off”.

An industry that many would label “risky” at the time, would catapult Fox’s personal assets to life changing wealth. But while her brothers were already well known in the crypto space, Fox has proved adept at the latter.

Fox on the October 2020 issue of Forbes India.


Just 24 when this story publishes and an extremely savvy businesswoman, Fox runs one of the hottest crypto companies ever. Polaris Capital launched two years ago, without any investor funding. The company invests in up and coming coins that have the potential to “disrupt” the space. “Around the time I was born, was the during the internet dot com boom; I think the crypto space is similar and will be the next big thing for my generation”.

In addition to the crypto space, Fox is a real estate developer and runs Revive The American Dream, a non profit that aimes to preserve affordable housing in America. Applying the standard formula, Forbes values her current net worth at $18 million (USD).

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