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Vets Need Reliable Postal Service

The American Legion issued the following statement (August 18, 2020) highlighting its commitment to veterans who rely on timely mail delivery to receive prescriptions:

Published on August 20, 2020

Millions of our nations’ veterans depend on a strong U.S. Postal Service for critical needs such as prescription refills. The Department of Veterans Affairs fills over half a million prescriptions each day through the Consolidated Mail Output Pharmacy system. The vast majority of these prescriptions are mailed to veterans through the USPS.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reduced availability of in-person services at VA facilities, including access to the pharmacy, places veterans in larger reliance on mail-ordered prescriptions and a strong USPS. If our leaders in Washington, D.C. choose not to fund the post office by the end of September, The American Legion is concerned it could have dire consequences for the millions of veterans who rely on the mail every day to deliver life-saving medication. The postal service often plays a pivotal role in the delivery of paperwork needed to process claims for veterans who have been disabled in the service of their country.

The American Legion has spoken out in favor of a strong USPS before with the passage of a resolution at our national convention in 2016. The American Legion implores Congress to address this issue impacting our nation’s veterans in an expedited manner so they can continue to receive the critical services they need during these difficult times.

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