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Ventured With the Wave of Life: Joshua Triplett Shares His Inspiring Story

Published on April 27, 2021

Here is the story of Joshua Triplett, the man who turned messiah to small businesses during COVID-19. Joshua is a successful American business owner and executive principal manager of VIP Capital Funding, a prominent fintech company that provides small business loans. Also a judicious investor, he prefers a balanced investment portfolio in crypto, stocks, energy, oil, cruise lines, and more. The competent leader, besides ensuring employee satisfaction, ardently extends his philanthropic services to hospitals and other organizations.

Below is an inspiring conversation with Joshua Triplett, who shares his success story from when the courage ignited.

Early Beginnings, where did your accomplishments begin, as you are only 29?

Vision, focus, and determination as an Entrepreneur. Soon after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I felt a strong ambition to succeed at a high level and life presented me with the opportunity to do so. I feel many people don’t listen to the push or wave that life will guide you to in making the right decisions. Fear and doubt, to overcome, takes courage and a strong heart and mind to start. From there it was all about fast-paced action. Day in and day out extensively attacking the market and studying how money works, the economy works, how supply and demand works, and just sales in general. I worked 2 years in sales, and with the urgency of life being short, I took the leap of faith and started VIP Capital Funding and duplicated my process through my Financial Consultants.

What challenges did you face when starting VIP Capital Funding?

Getting the business off the ground for the first year was difficult. There was a lot of fine-tuning, and capital within our company was running very low. Taking action every day 80-120 hours a week, was the main focus of doing everything in my control to make sure we would succeed. Fortunately despite the turbulence, we were able to weather the storm, and everything is now going well.

What are your current business challenges?

There are challenges every day, we just take it one day at a time. On any given day there are 4,000,000 business owners who are in need of capital as cash flow is king and working capital is the lifeblood for any business. With that understanding, we are here to solve financial problems as we have been doing so for the past 3 years. COVID-19 has hit a lot of Business Owners hard, and we have been there in the midst to help as many Business Owners recover with the capital we are able to provide. Despite the challenges which are good challenges, everything is fine-tuned, and we operate fast-paced and get the job done.

What are your current growth prospects?

We have so much to work on at the moment, that we are growing every day and we will cross the bridge of raising more capital from investors in due time. Time has told us throughout the years that we are strong and here to stay. This gives us the confidence to continue pushing and shoving as we are on the right track. Life is uncertain, so is business. The fundamental focus is doing everything in our control to help the economy by procuring capital for Business Owners Nationwide.

Contact Details

You may get in touch with Joshua Triplett via his LinkedIn or Twitter handle.

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