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US Soccer Vs English Football: Interview With Industry Expert Scott Michaels From Football People Group

Published on January 11, 2021

We’ve reviewed the stats, and the USA always falls short, consistently underachieving when it comes to world football. Is this the best it will ever get for US Soccer?

With an extensive multi-national player selection and a high number of soccer programs, there have been some improvements over the years in the way the US has approached the game, but it isn’t enough. The US is nowhere near the international powerhouse; we need it to be.

Today we speak to Scott Michaels from UK based football organization, Football People Group, on how US Soccer stands up against English Football. Football People Group is established as leading business experts with ideas in the field of world football.

How many English football clubs are there?

It’s not only the four professional leagues in England; beneath those, there is a massive ladder of leagues, devolving into small regional divisions in which teams of semi-professionals and amateurs play. In total, there are more than forty thousand UK association football clubs.

How many of the World’s biggest clubs take part in the top English league?

Today England’s top domestic league, the Premier League, is one of the most popular and richest sports leagues in the world, with six of the ten richest football clubs in the world as of 2019.

Who influences the interest in English football?

English Football is all-pervasive in England. It lives throughout society, and there is simply no escaping it. Culturally, it influences everyone, even those who don’t like football. Professional clubs enroll in community projects, as well as schools, and teenagers are encouraged to play football and even coach football, leading to a more positive environment whilst reducing crime.

Could the top US league, MLS, ever rival the Premier League?

Yes, I’d love America to have its own major world soccer force, and nationally it has already achieved so much. MLS Commissioner Don Garber has done an excellent job building the league up, and with the support of a new television deal next year, I can see soccer kicking on.

How does Soccer expand faster?

The game’s community roots need to grow substantially and flourish over the coming decade before American soccer can ever hope to increase in popularity permanently. However, I fear the country’s sheer size will be a challenge, even if it grows and develops in the professional leagues, which isn’t to say that millions of people won’t continue to love and support the game, like with the growing MLS franchises.

Can the US learn more from English football?

Yes, but I would also say the MLS is more than twenty years behind the Premier League in England. However, I understand clubs following the blueprint mapped out in English clubs USA soccer will be great if they follow this trend.

Final Thoughts

For the US, this isn’t just about playing soccer; it’s about watching soccer at all levels discussing it every day of the week, having it dissected and analyzed by the press and media extensively. Soccer culture is unrelenting. It’s a restless, ever-changing monster that needs feeding on an hourly basis.

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