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U.S. Senate Federal Credit Union Focuses on Engagement and Culture Initiatives Through the Holidays During COVID-19

In a year like 2020, togetherness and family can make all the difference in how we all make it through these tough times

Published on December 22, 2020

As the United States Senate Federal Credit Union (USSFCU) celebrates 85 years of serving its members and local communities, like most of us, they were met head-on with a very difficult year and face an uncertain holiday season. However, this determined Credit Union remains strong and committed to keeping their employees in the forefront by enhancing strategic initiatives around engagement, appreciation, recognition, and corporate culture. USSFCU leaders believe in the value of the employees and take great pride in supporting engagement as a key strategic initiative.

As 2020 has been one of the most difficult challenges for organizations, the Credit Union immediately responded to the COVID Crisis with employees and members safety as a priority; and successfully moved 90% of the staff to a working remote and flexible workplace within two and half weeks. The Credit Union’s focus was on providing best service levels while keeping staff and family members safe. Security was and is always at the forefront for both members with technology and while maintaining job security during this difficult year.

Some of the Credit Union’s engagement initiatives include: Quarterly Town Hall Meetings, Leadership Monthly Book Club Events, Weekly Training Sessions for Employee Development, Corporate Culture Project Team Building Activities, Yoga Stretch Sessions, Team Building Sessions with HR, Happy Hour Events, and Department Holiday Fun Engagement Events. USSFCU HR & Training were part of these initiatives to include creating job-leveling charts, known as pathways, to support internal advancement opportunities with departments creating and supporting these efforts. USSFCU’s employees take great pride in serving members and truly enjoy working with their coworkers. With the Credit Union’s Corporate Culture Project, the organization came together to clearly define their mission, vision, core values and strategic initiatives. USSFCU employees live out their mission of being “Better Together” by creating an environment where the Credit Union family is essential to the culture. In a year like 2020, togetherness and family can make all the difference in how we all make it through these tough times.

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