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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Recognizes Energy Inspectors for Water Conservation Efforts

National WaterSense Provider of the Year Award For 2020

Published on November 02, 2020

Energy Inspectors Corporation announced that it has been awarded its 6th National Environmental Agency (EPA) WaterSense Award for its continued efforts in water management and conservation, saving millions of gallons of water though its work with leading homebuilders in the Western United States.

Earning the WaterSense label makes easy to find water-efficient products, new homes, and programs that meet the EPA’s criteria for efficiency and performance. WaterSense labeled products and services are certified by WaterSense Providers, such as Energy Inspectors Corporation, to use at least 20 percent less water, save energy, and perform as well as or better than ordinary models.

In 2020, Energy Inspectors Corporation won the Award for Excellence in Builder Support, making it possible for WaterSense builder partners to earn the WaterSense label for homes in Arizona, Nevada and California. To help home builders meet WaterSense criteria, Energy Inspectors provides analyses showing what they might need to change to meet the WaterSense specification for homes.

In 2019, Energy Inspectors also supported first-time Partner of the Year Award winner Fulton Homes by certifying the builder’s first WaterSense labeled home. And recently, a partnership with KB HOME led to the first ever WaterSense 2.0 labeled home in Henderson, NV.

“Without forward looking homebuilders such as Fulton Homes and KB HOME, who work diligently to improve our environment, our work would not be possible. We are very honored to have the Environmental Protection Agency recognize our efforts in helping our nation, and homeowners save critical water and energy resources”, said Galo LeBron, CEO of Energy Inspectors Corporation.

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