TWO Inc.’s Japanese Plant-Based Food Brand 2Foods Received the Enterprise Award at the 2022 Vegan Awards

Published on May 11, 2022

Japanese-based well-being company TWO Inc. is pleased to announce that their plant-based food brand 2Foods has been awarded the Enterprise Award at the 2022 Vegan Awards, which is considered the most prestigious award in plant-based and vegan foods industry in Japan.

2Foods was acknowledged for its extreme dedication to the development of a new vegan lifestyle. The brand aims to target the younger generation by giving it a trendier and pop image and bringing positive changes to the Japanese vegan foods market in general.

In the past few years, development in the food industry has become a hot topic of strengthening not just a person’s health but the planet’s future as well. To transform into a sustainable and ethical industry, there have been some crucial developments being made around innovation in the food tech sector. One example is the creation of plant-based foods or foods that don’t include any animal products.

The worldwide plant-based foods market has also improved substantially over the years, and its market size is expected to reach ¥18 million by 2030.

On top of that, the Japanese market has nearly quadrupled in the past decade itself, driven by the health benefits of consuming low-calorie, low-fat foods. Today, more and more consumers are opting to eat plant-based foods as a way of exercising ethical consumption.

The team behind 2Foods is extremely happy to have received the Enterprise Award. Since its inception in April 2021, the brand has struggled a lot but continued to fight throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Yoshikazu Azuma, CEO and Representative Director of TWO Inc., “The fact that we are selected to receive the prestigious award this year proves that our commitment and passion to our company over the past year is now paying off. We extremely feel humbled and honored by the recognition.”

Vegan Awards is an award ceremony committed to honoring brands and people in the plant-based foods industry. The institution nominates 100 individuals and organizations in the industry and offers awards to the ones with the most remarkable contribution to the development of Japanese veganism.

Nominees are picked from various fields such as health, yoga, animal welfare, cooking, academia, sciences, medicine, environment, media, and beauty, among others.

Plant-based foods have received substantial attention over the past few years. However, as one of the basic needs, what people eat should taste good for it to become part of their lives. The goal of 2Foods is to recreate and reinvite the taste of junk food and deliver a comprehensive menu that utilizes plant-based ingredients only and contributes to the spread of plant-based food culture.

Apart from growing its retail footprint, TWO Inc.’s 2Foods strives to develop a business model based on TWO pillars: to develop new plant-based ingredients and to develop advanced processed foods. All these will be performed in-house and through collaboration with different partners.

As a brand that develops new culture in the food sector, 2Foods strives to establish a solid and robust foundation that will eventually help grow the business into a global brand.

About 2Foods

2Foods is a plant-based food brand created in April 2021 and centered around the concept of healthy junk foods. The brand combines tasty flavors with clean and sustainable ingredients healthy for the body and presents products that will satisfy its consumers’ taste buds.

About TWO Inc.

TWO Inc. is a well-being company in Japan that believes that healthy eating and happy living can be accomplished. The company creates products and services that abolish the existing tradeoff in the food sector.

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