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New York Times best-selling author and popular leadership coach, Stephen Mansfield. © The Selah Way Foundation

Trafficking Ends Here, Global Movement United to End Exploitation in This Generation

The Selah Way Foundation Hosted Inaugural Vision Summit to Move the Needle in a fight for our children's freedom. Highlighting the best of the best working in collaborative effort

Published on April 12, 2021

It is estimated that over 2 million kids are sold each year into the global sex trade, a $99 billion industry. Human trafficking continues to be one of America’s fastest growing crimes, targeting the most vulnerable members of society, innocent children.

The Selah Way Foundation is a one-of-a-kind umbrella in the anti-sex trafficking movement which unites the leading organizations in a collaborative effort to achieve the greatest impact in saving young lives affected by this crime. Whereas most organizations work in a silo, stunting their ability to create world-wide solutions, Elizabeth Fisher Good and her co-founders envisioned a better way to move freedom forward. The Selah Way Foundation brings together the best practices in outcomes, business theory, programming and more, to best combat this issue together, creating scalable, proven programs for sustainable change.

The Selah Way Foundation hosted its inaugural Vision Summit event on March 25th – 28th at the Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia for one hundred champion supporters from around the country. The support and awareness garnered at The Vision Summit brings our society closer to the eradication of sex trafficking on a global scale within our generation.

The Selah Way Foundation’s unique collaborative approach to combatting this issue has already brought about unprecedented success with over 8,000 survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation being served in the United States and Europe. Over 250,000 healthcare professionals and over 100 law enforcement agencies have been trained to identify and aid victims of this crime, to date. Over 25,000 children (and adults working with them) have been trained on how to stay safe from sex trafficking and abuse, with the goal of training 2 million in the coming years. For every $1 million invested in The Selah Way Foundation, $4.6 million is saved in incarcerations at a state level, as survivors are rehabilitated, 87% do not return to the streets. Internationally, the focus is Romania as that is the epicenter of trafficking in Europe. Over 82% of sex trafficking survivors in Europe are Romanian.

Thanks to the generous support of attendees, over $3.3 million dollars was raised to support the Selah Way Foundation’s life-saving initiatives.

“Sex trafficking is one of the fastest growing forms of organized crime. It is happening in all 50 states and worldwide. The only way to tackle this true evil and pervasive darkness is by locking arms in unity and getting out of our individual silos. The strategy of The Selah Way Foundation is aligning the best of the best each attacking the issue from a different angle. ‘Organized crime cannot be the only ones organized. It’s time to assemble one impenetrable army!'” says Elizabeth Fisher Good, Co-founder/ CEO of the Selah Way Foundation.

The Vision Summit also included an outstanding line-up of speakers and special guests including: acclaimed leadership expert, clinical psychologist and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Henry Cloud; New York Times best-selling author and popular leadership coach, Stephen Mansfield; world-renowned broadcaster, food writer, speaker, author and cook Simon Mujamdarh; Kansas front-man John Elefante and his fellow rock and roll band mates from Voices of Rock Radio; Dr. Stephany Powell, Master Trainer, National Training Cadre; Captain Demetri Konstantopoulos, Sarasota Police Department; and Dr. Vanessa Snyder, International Program Director, Uncaged. Other honored guest leaders included Bob Westfall, Founder/CEO, Westfall Gold; Dwight Montgomery, National Christian Foundation; Craig Schaeffer, Chief Assistant State Attorney, State Attorney’s Office, 12th Judicial Circuit, Florida and Dave & Pam Sowder.

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