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This 20-Year-Old Viral Influencer Marketing Genius Explains How to Get 10,000 Followers on Instagram

Published on November 28, 2020

Alex Smetana has made quite the name for himself. He’s a young 20-year-old entrepreneur who learned how to create viral content that people can’t resist but to engage with and share with others. He’s racked up over 14 million followers across all of his Instagram accounts, so he knows a thing or two about getting traction on the massive social media platform. With over two billion active users, it takes a little bit of understanding when it comes to how to create content that will attract a larger following. 

This viral influencer recently shared what it takes to reach that coveted 10,000 follower count. That’s when you can start getting more opportunities to turn your Instagram page into a moneymaking and lead generating machine. Here’s what Alex’s advice is if you want to get 10,000 followers on Instagram.

The first thing you want to do is have a goal in mind. Goal-setting is vital because it clearly defines what sort of success you want. For example, are you looking to attract more B2B clients? Do you want to focus more on getting B2C clients? Are you just wanting to get more brand or name recognition? Once you have figured out your goal, you can move onto the next step.

The second thing you will want to do is build out your profile so that you will be getting more engagement with it (likes, comments, shares, saves, and follows). Think long and hard about what your profile photo will be, making sure it captures the type of image you want others to see and connect with you. You also want to take advantage of your bio and include all of your credentials. Don’t forget to place a call to action that helps increase leads and conversions.

When you are done with all of this, it’s time to start creating content. You want this to be viral content and something that captures peoples’ short and fickle attention spans. However, before you are making content, you should have an excellent understanding of your niche market. Know your audience and the market they are in, so that you can navigate in it and exploit all of the right opportunities. If you’ve got products to sell, then pick the ones that make sense for that niche and will be popular. Craft your offers in a way that makes them appealing. Keep your products and audience in mind at all times when creating content. This will help you follow a strategy that will result in more leads, sales, or recognition.

When you have an online persona, Alex says that you should look at it like a real business. The persona is the marketing side of it. The more you look at your social media pages like advertisements, you can readjust your relationship to social media.

Digital marketing is a vast world that Alex is very knowledgeable about, and has helped numerous influencers and brands get their start on platforms like Instagram. If you need help getting started, you can reach out to Alex through his Instagram page.

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