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The Rise & Grind of Digital Entrepreneur Jacob Levinrad

Published on September 23, 2020

In today’s uncertain market, finding a way to ensure that a paycheck is coming in requires a bit of luck and a lot of creativity. One way that some shrewd entrepreneurs are finding additional revenue streams is through online sales and eCommerce dropshipping.

A leading voice in the dropshipping community is Jacob Levinrad (@jacoblevinrad). As a master dropshipper, Levinrad has built an online ecommerce empire that has enjoyed over $250,000 in revenue in just over six months. The craziest part? Levinrad earned all of that extra income before he graduated high school!

Not only is Levinrad working hard to build an online sales business that is smashing expectations, but he has also started to help others break into the dropshipping business with online courses and master classes. With his online expertise at your disposal, you can start building your own dropshipping empire in no time!

What Is Dropshipping?

To understand Levinrad’s success, it is vital to understand the world of dropshipping. The dropshipping industry has seen explosive growth in the last few years while riding the wave of online shopping popularity.

At its most basic, dropshipping is the process of retail sales fulfillment where a seller or store sells products to consumers and sends the products from a third party location. Instead of holding the product on-site, a dropshipper will fulfill orders by having the purchased items sent from another entity – never touching the product themselves. Fulfillment usually happens through a wholesaler or manufacture.

The digital marketplace has created the perfect environment for dropshipping to take off. In order to accept and fulfill orders, dropshippers create online sale sites through popular applications such as Shopify to connect consumers to wholesalers. The digital nature of the system helps to create a fast and easy process for order fulfillment.

How Levinrad Hacked The Dropshipping System – And How He Is Helping Others Do The Same

At first glance, dropshipping may seem convenient, but not necessarily a source of hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. However, dropshipping masters like Jacob Levinrad have found a secret to boosting their sales potential: combining the convenience of dropshipping with the power of social media.

With a knack for building popular Instagram and TikTok accounts, Levinrad has built a successful digital business venture that has helped him rise to the top. Now Levinrad is expanding his successful enterprise by helping others who are interested in learning the system. Levinrad has recently built and launched an online eCommerce master class that helps beginner dropshippers learn how to boost their sales using his proven methods.

Through his Ecom Jacob program, Levinrad has created a course that allows users to learn the ins-and-outs of the dropshipping basics. His class is built around a module course system that helps users learn how to:

  • Create and automate an online dropshipping store using applications like Shopify
  • Quickly generate sales from new and returning customers
  • Build an online business empire through powerful social media-driven marketing
  • Personal store branding
  • Formulas for Dropshipping Success

Levinrad’s history of success has given him the skills and methods necessary to help nearly any seller build a successful eCommerce business quickly. However, Levinrad knows that watching online courses isn’t enough to promise success. The real secret, according to Levinrad, is committed and intentional one-on-one mentoring with each person who joins his online course.

By building a personal and business relationship with his online students, Levinrad has the opportunity to help sellers learn the basics of the eCommerce system while also building skills around their personality and brand – helping each student stand out from the digital competition with their own flavor and style.

Learn More & Master Dropshipping With An Expert

Want to learn more about how you can quickly turn a profit while also enjoying your new online business? Through a personal 1-1 mentorship program, you can learn the skills necessary to take advantage of the growing online marketplace.

Levinrad has been helping those interested in learning the ropes of online eCommerce sales through applications such as Shopify, and those who have mentored under him have experienced success in a variety of niche markets. You can learn more about Levinrad, and see some of his latest success stories and tricks for gaining a competitive edge selling online by following him on Instagram and by visiting his eCommerce master class online.

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