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The Ring Shop – The Fresh Online Ring Brand Disrupting the Global Jewelry Sector

The Ring Shop brings their trendy ring and band designs to a worldwide audience

Published on August 05, 2022

When one thinks of wedding or engagement rings, the usual image is of traditional (and expensive) gold or silver rings encrusted in exorbitantly large diamonds. This is exactly the market that The Ring Shop intends to disrupt. And it seems to be working.

Established in London, The Ring Shop’s ring designers are hard at work delivering ring and band designs that don’t conform to the norm, which are then expertly crafted using only the highest quality materials. “I ordered Phantom from The Carbide Collection and was blown away by its craftsmanship,” says a review from Trustpilot, in which The Ring Shop is rated as one of the highest in its sector at 4.9 out of 5. And it’s not hard to see why.

The Ring Shop team dabbles and experiments with countless different material combinations – from tungsten carbide to carbon fiber, from titanium to hardwoods – even with meteorite and Damascus steel – to create an expertly crafted final piece that isn’t only durable and well-fitting but also stylish, unique and guaranteed to turn heads.

The Ring Shop - The Fresh Online Ring Brand Disrupting the Global Jewelry Sector

Aside from positive remarks about the quality of their rings and bands, many also have great things to say about The Ring Shop’s customer service, which is usually a major pain point when buying rings online. With their worldwide shipping offering, many customers show appreciation for the peace of mind they receive when ordering their website since The Ring Shop ensures that the parcel is insured and tracked throughout its journey. This is a definite plus for people worried about shopping for bands online.

They even offer aftercare support, such as an easy resizing service, where another review comments, “Amazing rings and amazing customer service! I ordered the “Onyx” ring for my fiancé as a wedding band, and upon delivery, we realized the size I ordered was a little big. But all it took were a couple of friendly emails, and a new ring was on its way. Thank you for making our experience so stress-free!”

According to the founder of The Ring Shop, Stephen GP: “Many customers have expressed relief at being able to find an alternative to traditional gold and silver, vastly preferring the wide array of materials and design combinations we can provide for their perfect band.”

This is apparent from their dramatic climb in social media followers, reaching nearly 100k followers on The Ring Shop’s official Instagram profile in just over a year. It seems this movement and interest in non-traditional rings is a global one, with many who previously struggled to afford expensive jewelry now having the option of being able to acquire an engagement ring that is not only unique and stylish but much more affordable and accessible.

And it doesn’t stop at weddings or engagement rings. The Ring Shop has become a gateway platform for countless first-time ring wearers, with nearly 50% of their recent patrons having never worn rings before. The high level of quality, design and material choice, and customer service seems to have been enough to turn many into first-time ring wearers. Not only this, but traditional ring wearers are also following suit.

The Ring Shop - The Fresh Online Ring Brand Disrupting the Global Jewelry Sector

Whilst a major form of self-expression is through fashion, for some reason, rings have fallen behind in this category. The Ring Shop understands this gap in the market and even offers custom designs for customers who want a completely unique ring design. They realize that ring wearers today want something eye-catching and unique – not simply a plain piece of metal. The Ring Shop gives wearers the chance to not just express themselves through the price of the metal on your finger, but rather by the combination of material, design and color to create the perfect piece that represents exactly who they are.

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