The New Trend Is Holistic Dog Training With an App

Published on June 07, 2022

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are always around us and are a great company. It is therefore important to train them to improve their interaction with us and other animals. Training can take a holistic approach where different factors and systems are taken into consideration. With global digitization, it is easy to train your dog holistically using an app like hundeo.

Dogs can be demanding in a similar way to babies. They grow and new problems and changes take place. Their aggression toward other dogs may increase or they may require attention from them. Dogs rescued from shelters also require a lot of work as they suffer from loneliness and distress when left alone. These problems could have worsened during the pandemic, making people look for permanent solutions.

Sometimes it is assumed that dogs will adjust to our lifestyle changes but that is not always the case. In the case of the pandemic when everything was on lockdown, they were used to spending so much time with us. Now that things are getting back to normal, they have separation anxiety. Dog owners are wondering what to do. The holistic approach is a more natural one and seeks to get to the root cause of a dog’s behavior. It is also based on trust, love, and respect. Some factors considered in the holistic training include:

Environmental: this explores the environment in which the dog is placed. They need to have enough food and shelter. They also need to be in a clean and healthy environment.

Experiences: it is important to consider the dog’s history. Factors such as getting them from a rescue shelter will definitely impact their behavior.
Training: have they had previous training, be it physical, and how did they respond to it?

Emotional: this focuses on whether the dog feels loved, trusted, and respected.

Physical: just as physical exercise is important to human beings, it is also important for dogs. This ensures that their health is in check and reduces unnecessary trips to the vet.

All these factors can be integrated into a fun and inspirational way using the hundeo app available on both Android and iOS. The app has been developed with both the needs of the dog and its owner in mind. There are step-by-step guides and video instructions on how to train your dog. Exercises can be repeated and can be held in small sessions. Reminders can be set thus helping you achieve and track progress stress-free.

The app is available wherever you go and at any time. Its playful structure will ensure a good bonding time with your dog. It also adapts to your dog’s learning speed, something that may not be possible with group training. The technology that has gone into developing this app is amazing, convenient and much needed. It has also been developed with the help of dog training experts, making it based on real life experiences.

Lifestyle Editor