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"Lies" cover art. © The Legend Rosz

The Legend Rosz Releases Amazing New Single – “Lies”

Published on August 24, 2020

The incredibly talented artist ‘The Legend Rosz’ has released an amazing new single called “Lies”. He is a phenomenal artist with music that is bound to take you away into a whole new dimension. This latest track of his is an expression and statement that we all can relate to in our lives. As the saying goes ‘music is the shorthand of emotion’, and Rosz’s music truly is emotion poured out perfectly into beautiful lyrics and melody. His song “Lies” is now out on all the major music streaming platforms.

The music industry has seen thousands of artists, but ‘The Legend Rosz’ is unique and so is his music style. The way he delivers deep yet meaningful lyrics with breathtaking beats is remarkable. This latest song of his “Lies” is just an example of that. The song starts out with powerful beats that create an energetic vibe and when you listen closely, you can understand the lyrics which say “When I look into your eyes – all I see are lies”. The song is all about how he is conversing with a girl, and after everything he has done for her, all he gets is lies. It has a deep and interesting meaning to it. We all can relate to this song and emotion in our lives. Rosz has created a masterpiece that is bound to make you fall in love with this track.

Throughout his music career, ‘The Legend Rosz’ has created some fantastic beats and he is dedicated to creating awe-inspiring melodies every day. He started out at a very young age in music and since then, has been evolving and creating a better version of himself. As he evolves he values evolution in others. The music that Rosz creates is bound to get you all up and charged. This creative genius has been involved in music production, songwriting, and singing, and one word that defines him is ‘Perfection’.

With a powerful drive and determination, Rosz is truly passionate about his music and strives to create killer tracks! Where words fail, music speaks, and this new track will show you what pure talent and passion can create! The ‘Never give up’ attitude of his towards life and music is what makes him different from the competition, and has shown his dedication and capabilities. With the release of this awesome song “Lies”, you are bound to fall in love with the mesmerizing voice and music of ‘The Legend Rosz’. He is an upcoming artist that you should definitely look out for. So go ahead and experience this awesome new track and let his music take you away!

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