The Incredible Rise of iQSTEL

And why 2022 looks like another year of tremendous growth

Published on December 30, 2021

Once a pink sheet stock, the Coral Gables headquartered iQstel has risen to the OTCQX market during its incredible ascent. The future is bright for this holding company as we see an announcement for the 2022 revenue forecast of net income positive $90 million. Additionally, the company’s five business divisions carve out the path to up-listing onto the NASDAQ.

In addition, iQStel has become a debt-free company after eliminating all debt in the form of notes, warrants, promissory notes, and settlement agreements. Debt-free is an invigorating position for the company’s financial strength. The multiple verticals that this company has a footprint in are maximizing shareholder value. The stock is not likely to see prices this low as it rockets into a future where the solutions it provides are features of everyday life.

The two business divisions of the company include:

B2B Business Division (IQSTelecom) Connectivity Services:

  • Telecommunications
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and technology services
  • Blockchain Platforms and Services

B2C Business Division (EVOSS) Mobility Services:

EV Motorcycles and Batteries

Fintech MasterCard Ecosystem

Since June 2018, when iQstel acquired Etelix, iQstel has taken shape as a stock to watch and potentially add to your buy list. When looking at competitors in the same spaces, such as Visa with its debit card and remittances offerings, iQstel has a revenue forecast that outpaces its market cap. The signs of an undervalued stock are present, and further corporate execution is lining it up for the next level of exchanges.

In a December letter to shareholders, CEO Leandro Jose Iglesias kept investors up to date on the company’s movement. He expressed confidence and stability in saying that the most recent strain of Covid-19 has not impacted business. However, Mr. Iglesias did emphasize the potential increase in value for iQstel solutions as a need for reduced human contact has sprung up across industries.

Exciting news from the letter points readers to iQstels Independent Board of Directors, providing the mandate to management to initiate NASDAQ up-listing in the first half of 2022. A strategy is also taking shape to capture shareholder value enhancements in conjunction with the NASDAQ up-listing initiative.

Let’s dive into what iQstel has brought to the market, making them a watch and a potential buy.

iQstel and the Electric Vehicle Market

The brand is taking shape as a one-stop-shop for electric vehicle solutions. iQstels offerings include batteries, chargers, battery management systems, connectivity solutions, EV dashboard displays, and mobile app connectivity. Accelerating the company’s development efforts for these solutions is subsidiary IoT Labs Mx.

IoT Labs Mx has been in the development push for more than two years, and it was their January ’21 announcement that declared battery solutions for Electric Vehicles (EV) are on the way. The iQstel telecom division supplies a fantastic business base for EV solutions to take root.

IQ Batteries is only one of the forces storming into the market from beneath the iQstel umbrella. iQSTelecom is a dynamo in its own right and leads with experience to build global solutions.

iQSTelecom and the Consolidation of Telecom Providers

Consolidating its subsidiaries, USA, Swisslink Carrier AG, Qglobal SMS, and SMSdirectos brings the experience and service solutions under a single unified telecommunications banner. This combined force reaches large, medium, and small business owners, companies, and governments. Telecom has been a significant factor in iQstel doubling its revenue in 2020, which management attributes to acquisitions and organic sales growth.

Cost reductions and heightened efficiencies will come along with the unified telecom effort. This cost reduction may also spell improved operating margins. The company has even expanded its acquisitions with a recent memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would provide access to the skillset and resources of a VoIP and SMS company with estimated revenue north of $15 million.

Upon completion of this acquisition, the company will have a presence in 15+ countries around the globe. CEO Leandro Iglesias has noted collective excitement from within the organization. With all this does to the forecast for FY-2022, excitement is only natural.

IoT and Technology Services

As data has long since surpassed oil in value as a commodity around the globe, data security has become more pressing than in previous years. iQstel has brought the IoTSmartTank on-stream just in time. The IoTSmartTank allows any chemical, liquid, or gas industrial storage tank to be effective as a secure IoT-capable device and platform with active state reporting.

Successful field tests for a Fortune 500 client of their IoTSmartTank paved the way for a 2500 unit tech installation. This installation brings a recurring maintenance component as well. What iQstel is doing for this chemical company could be available for a broader market and drive up the value of this already impressive stock. The growth potential is already in place.

Bringing clients’ IoT products and services to life is also part of how iQstel becomes a critical element of the IoT landscape. The subsidiary makes worldwide connectivity available through their patented SigFox and Cat-M1 technology.

Financial Services and Fintech

iQstel has placed itself in the path of another multi-billion dollar market opportunity in the financial services and Fintech spaces. The MasterCard Money One debit card is a solution that provides a card payment resource that also reaches into unbanked and underbanked communities. Extending into these markets makes iQSTEL a comprehensive service provider.

Expectations are for the MasterCard Prepaid Debit Card Service to generate revenue of $45 million to $128 million over five years, with EBITDA margins of 30% to 50%. This solution adds to already strong revenue guidance for the company.

Blockchain Technology

iQstel CEO Leandro Iglesias has remarked that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. So it’s no wonder the company sees the inclusion of a cryptocurrency function into their MasterCard debit card service as essential.

The company has its sights on the $530 million mobile number portability market and is setting out to be a player in a big way. iQstels mobile number portability application allows end-users to switch from one mobile carrier to another with just a few clicks. Reducing the friction consumers can face going to brick and mortar retailers and dealing with service providers is invaluable.

The mobile number portability application (MNPA) will utilize innovative contract technology in the blockchain platform. This utilization enhances security and further improves the platform’s initial market size estimates to $530 million annually and beyond. ItsBChain, the iQstel subsidiary, targets a 5% market capture over the next 36 months.

All things considered, this is one stock that would surprise nobody by being traded again at well over $2 on the NASDAQ Market very soon next year.


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