The Guide to Explosive Growth for Law Firms – Luis Scott, Co-Founder of 8 Figure Firm, Announces the Release of His Book, The King of Growth

Published on April 26, 2022

This upcoming May 19, the most comprehensive guide for law entrepreneurs to optimize their firm’s growth will become available.

Luis Scott, the co-founder and lead consultant of 8 Figure Firm Consulting, has recently announced the release of his book, titled The King of Growth. With this new book, Scott expands on his previous book, The 9 Principles of Exponential Growth, to create a practical guide to building a financially successful law firm.

The King of Growth is “a comprehensive book on how to actually grow your law firm,” said Scott, who is also the managing partner of Bader Scott Injury Lawyers.

The 9 Principles of Exponential Growth,” continued Scott, “talk about the importance of having mission, vision, and values. But I wanted to create a longer conversation on how to build and market a law firm.”

Years of experience consulting dozens of law entrepreneurs across the United States have made Scott a renowned expert in strategic planning for law firms.

With the help of his business partner, Seth Bader, Scott scaled up Bader Scott Injury Lawyers from a seven-figure firm into a multi-eight-figure company in two years. Since founding 8 Figure Firm Consulting, this Puerto-Rico-native consultant has helped multiple other law firms achieve similar success and reach eight figures in predictable annual revenue.

After a full year of development, The King of Growth will collect Scott’s years of experience helping law entrepreneurs transform law firms into successful law businesses.

“From consulting dozens and dozens of law firms, I realized that people didn’t know the basic fundamentals of building a law firm,” said Scott. “They don’t know how to analyze their business to make smart decisions. My purpose was to show people how to create predictability.”

Scott is confident that the practical principles outlined in The King of Growth can help law firm owners grow their businesses by at least one million dollars. The book summarizes the same proven premises that Scott has successfully implemented at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers and with his consulting clients over the past years.

“I have noticed that law firm owners who work with me and follow the principles I explore in this book are growing seven figures in gross revenue per year,” said Scott.

The official release date of The King of Growth coincides with the first day of the third 8 Figure Firm Mastermind, which will take place in San Diego, California, between Thursday, May 19, and Saturday, May 21. Attendees to this conference will receive a copy of the book and listen to a presentation by the author on the operational principles of exponential growth.

The general public can purchase a copy of The King of Growth on Amazon beginning May 19. Scott asserts that the book can help law firm owners throughout the U.S. boost their companies’ growth regardless of their firms’ current size or practice area.

“If you are a law firm owner looking to rapidly grow your business by using proven principles and creating momentum, this book is for you,” said Scott. “Law firm owners who feel stuck and frustrated and want to get to the next level will benefit from this book greatly.”

Scott and 8 Figure Firm Consulting are helping dozens of law firms throughout the country scale to eight figures in annual revenue and beyond. Law entrepreneurs looking for more in-depth information on reaching predictable explosive growth are still on time to register for the upcoming 8 Figure Firm San Diego Mastermind.

Spots for this event are limited. Secure yours at, and do not miss this opportunity to transform your law firm into a thriving law business.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo
With Artistic Initiative Agency

Newsdesk Editor