The Founder of “Umiinu” Explains Why “Umiinu” – How to Make History in the Space of BSC as Japan’s Top Team

Published on July 15, 2022

Blockchain is one of the most impactful and hottest technologies. Several innovations have been driven by this technology, the most well-known being Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Other innovations driven by blockchain include Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and more.

We caught up with Mr.K, founder of UmiInu (Binance Smart Chain Token), a top Japanese team well-known in the industry, to hear how they are making history in the BSC space and their plans for future projects. In this interview, he tells us what “UmiInu” is and why he chose it. He also talks about the benefits of using this platform. If you are an online gamer, you can also earn money with “UmiInu” via Play to Earn games. He also mentioned when he plans to officially launch the platform’s various applications. Let’s get right to the interview.

Explain to the everyday person what “UmiInu” is all about?

Umilnu is the new kid on the block when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency. We believe that Umilnu is making headway and will soon be as popular as NFTs. If you understand how blockchains work, you can understand the use of Umilnu. It’s another currency that sets the bar for how cryptocurrency is used.

Why “UmiInu”?

Umilnu was designed to go to the moon. With blockchain being one of the hottest and most impactful technologies out there now, Umilnu is sure to be a hit. One of the beauties with Umilnu is that if you’re into gaming, you can make money via Play to Earn games. Umilnu can be very lucrative if used properly.

How is this project different from other projects?

Compared to other Binance Smart Chain or BSC’s that are out there, UmInu was made to stand out from the pack. When we created UmiInu, we wanted to create something that would make a strong impression. Something that we could be proud of and that could compete with the rest of the market.

Why did you choose Binance smart chain?

We figured it was the best way to bring Umilnu into the world. Since there have been so many innovations that have been driven by this technology within Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, such as NFTs and DeFi’s, we felt there was room for Umilnu to compete with the big boys. As the world starts heading towards cryptocurrency, we want to ensure we’re in the race too.

Is this platform only for play-to-earn games?

For now, the platform is aimed at play to earn games. So when you bet one of our tokens on a play-to-earn game, you bet our token, and you’ll earn a BNB alternative to our token. Eventually, down the road, we plan to launch the platform into different applications, such as slot machines on BSC. We have high hopes for Umilnu.

When will “Umilnu” officially be launched, and what should the early investors expect?

We actually just launched UmiInu on July 8th. You can imagine how thrilled our team was to release it out into the world. As for the investors, they can expect Umilnu to go to the moon. The UmiInu team is in continuous and endless negotiations with business partners to benefit loyal owners. It’s definitely a BSC that people will want to get in on.

How will users earn from this play-to-earn game?

Online gamers can earn when you bet a Umilnu token. They’ll earn a BNB alternative to our token. This design will be great for gamers and is just the start. Mixing Umilnu with online gaming has a lot of potential.

Do you have plans to release NFT?

Yes, there are plans to release an NFT in the near future. We also plan to release it as a Cross Chain Bridge as well, Staking dApps and as a play-to-earn slot machine on BSC. All of this would allow for a different chain of transactions.

How can people get “Umilnu”?

They can find it on pancakeswap. Once they sign in, they use their crypto wallet to connect and then choose their tokens. And then, once they’ve made their selection, they just confirm their swap. That’s all.

Key takeaways

Our project has a mission, and that mission is to bring the holders of UmiInu to the moon. We are also currently involved in endless negotiations with business partners to benefit loyal owners are our company continues to thrive. When it comes to Umilnu we can’t stress enough that this is one token people in the crypto world will want to get in on. It’s gonna be a game changer for the future of cryptocurrency, and you don’t want to get left behind on that.


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