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The Founder of the White Mirror School of Self-Development Valentin Voronin Has Created His Own Cryptocurrency BZToken

Published on April 25, 2021

The School students will able to pay for the online courses and other School products with this new coin. The White Mirror School of Self-Development was officially launched as an online project in 2017. Still, years before that, Valentin Voronin started gathering people and teaching them how to achieve inner Growth and Development.

Valentin Voronin embarked on a journey of studying the inside and outside worlds of a human being more than 15 years ago. That is when his spiritual search has begun. That year he tried practicing meditations for the first time and decided to learn from the best masters. Valentin laboriously studied a number of ancient teachings and cults that aimed at human life improvement, including Biodynamics, Psychotherapy, Teachings of Daoism, traditional Chinese medicine, Qi Gong, Osteopathy, Yoga, and many other ancient and modern schools of knowledge.

On his journey to finding the Truth, he visited the sacred places of power in India, Nepal, France, China, Sri-Lanka, Karelia, Thailand, and Bali.

After studying in various self-development schools aiming at different outcomes, Valentin created his own unique system of improvement of human life.

The White Mirror School of Self-Development differs from other schools in this area of interest by its wholesome approach to uniting body, spirituality, energy, family, and social life. The main idea maintains that all these things are parallel to each other and are also interrelated, as is everything inside our bodies. You all may have noticed that very often, if you achieve success in one area, you lose something valuable in another one. It is also common that if you are under pressure in one part of your life, you need to borrow from another part to compensate for that pressure. This phenomenon provides a perfect background to Valentin’s main idea that the essence of a happy life lies in the balance.

Following his motto, Valentin Voronin has helped thousands of people worldwide improve their life and health and get rid of destructive programs.

Valentin Voronin holds the view that everything in this world is interrelated and expressed through the so-called Potential. The higher the person’s potential, the more it is represented in life through familiar things, such as health, a family, a good job, a house, money, and success. The universal key to this is health. It starts with mental health, of course, with the ability to balance oneself. If a person can achieve this balance, all spheres of life will develop in harmony, and this is when the long-sought for success in all areas of life comes.

Valentin reminiscences: “When I was making the first steps on my path, I wasn’t thinking of creating a course or opening an online school, or how to start a YouTube channel and earn millions. I was doing the simple things that would help me to improve. I was practicing meditation, working to accumulate more potential, and doing real things in this world. I was helping other people and did my job well. Eventually, people started sharing the results they achieved with my assistance, and at first small groups of people were coming to my apartment to listen to me. Then I began participating in various festivals, and only in 2017 I made my appearance on online platforms.”

The secret of success of the education platform of The White Mirror lies in everyday hard work aimed at improvement of Valentin’s health, repairing family connections, and bringing everything around him to perfection.

Backed by these key attributes, Valentin Voronin built his business from scratch, and at the moment, his school of self-development is conquering new heights. One of the recent successful projects is constructing the retreat center in Bali, which will become a home for those who strive for harmonious development. Apart from that, this year has witnessed the creation of the School’s own cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency creation will be beneficial not only to all the school students but also to investors. When buying BZToken, anyone will gain profit and contribute to the White Mirror online school growth and development, which will promote life improvement to a larger number of people.

BZToken is projected to grow swiftly. This positive forecast has solid grounds because the school students can buy the School products with this new coin at attractive special prices. Currently, the school has 5,000 registered students, and this number is increasing steadily. The School’s YouTube channel and Instagram account can also boast a constant influx of new subscribers, which allows predicting the high demand for the new coin in the nearest future.

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