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TEKTA: A Successful Versatile Music Producer and Beatmaker

Published on May 01, 2022

It is a pleasure to write about someone from a very different perspective and point of view. Having worked with TEKTA a couple of times in the music industry especially beats, you realize he puts in extra work. TEKTA modified music with his specialization in Trap, Reggaeton, and Oriental Beats!  First of all, we will provide a little background about TEKTA, before moving on to his profession and experience in the field.


TEKTA was born and raised in Stuttgart in Germany but TEKTA and his family have their roots in Turkey, later he moved to the north of Germany (Bremen).  He is a versatile music producer specializing in Trap, Reggaeton, and Oriental Beats.

TEKTA is a Turkish German music producer, beatmaker, and genre creator and artist, He has received professional training in modern vocals, arts, editing, composing, and arranging. From an early age, TEKTA loved editing and composing music. He discovered that music production was his passion and decided to make it his full-time career. As he explored his musical interests in music. TEKTA likes to mix many Genres to create new tunes. He made some songs which were really popular. He has worked with many artists around the globe and mixed many languages. “HAYAT“ is a Turkish-German-Spanish song for example.

TEKTA: A Successful Versatile Music Producer and Beatmaker

Work and Experience

Every day TEKTA works on his music to improve and to do experiments with different styles, tones, and genres. In 2021, TEKTA signed at 29th Avenue publishing which is administered by Warner Chappell Music Group. TEKTA‘s goal is to become one of the most popular producers and is known for his own style of crazy producing techniques and unfamiliar sounding beats. He is also selling beats on his website. He is always looking for new talented artists to work with and he is available for further dope collaborations since TEKTA thinks networking and connecting with other musicians is a really underestimated aspect of being a successful musician nowadays.

TEKTA: A Successful Versatile Music Producer and Beatmaker

Story behind Success

TEKTA‘s favorite part is meeting new and creative people. Hearing others’ stories and how they got to that point in their career is one of the things I enjoy about working at different locations. It’s not the worst problem in the world, but the upkeep isn’t going away. It’s a great privilege to have a career that allows him such freedom.

Tekta fans favored his work because there were no distractions and he 100% focused on seeing what he could do with what he had at hand. He learned to value many things like going out, time with family, and health. We all learned to value those little details and understand that, even if one has a bad day, there are other people who are having a harder time, especially with this pandemic. Tekta learned to adapt and do what people like. In this work, you cannot rest and you must be aware of what works, that is a challenge for any musician: be fast, without leaving your style or your line. He is grateful to his followers.

TEKTA: A Successful Versatile Music Producer and Beatmaker

Final Thoughts

He thinks it is a huge honor and a big responsibility to be a part of this industry. He wants to be a positive musician and influencer. He is a very happy person, but we all have our days. The more followers he gains, the greater the responsibility to be genuine becomes.

TEKTA: A Successful Versatile Music Producer and Beatmaker


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