Take on the New Year With a Clear and Calm Mind

Published on December 15, 2021

Everyone knows that stress can have severe adverse impacts on a person’s body and mind. Unfortunately, though, many solutions to easing stress readily available on the market require the user to add some chore to their day, like remembering to take a pill or adding a new laborious routine to their day.

Nutrisyn recognized this issue that many people face and invented their novel Calming Serum as a solution. Nutrisyn’s Calming Serum is a scientific and holistic approach to stress relief.

“Our calming serum is novel, clinically backed, and is both easy and pleasant to use. It creates a quick and noticeable effect and can actually have cumulative benefits.” A NutriSyn spokesperson explains, “Also no dependency. It works by promoting calm and relaxation in two key areas of the body that then trigger overall calming. It secondarily works through olfactory reception of specific essential aromas that are known to create a sense of calm.”

Through a combination of theanine, chamomilla Recutita leaf extract, magnesium chloride, aminobutyric acid, and other components, Nutrisyn Calming Serum effectively reduces stress in users.

Created to be an experience that users enjoy, Nutrisyn does not feel like a chore to do, unlike remembering medications or some long, drawn-out routine. This silky, buttery serum is a pleasure to use and is relaxing to use.

When applying NutriSyn Calm serum, apply 2-3 pumps as needed to the inside of your wrists and sides of your neck. Rub in lightly and allow the serum to air dry. Nutrisyn Calming Serum, along with all of Nutrisyn’s other supplements, is natural, non-habit forming, and do not cause unwanted side effects or dependency.

Many calming serums in the market are orally ingested and rely on the active ingredients passing through the GI tract to achieve results successfully. In contrast, NutriSyn does not depend upon consuming products that require time to work. Nor does it interfere with existing ingested medications, foods, beverages, or potentially compromised digestive systems.

High stress for extended periods of time can cause issues with a person’s immune, digestive, and nervous systems. Additionally, stress may trigger headaches, chronic anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, alongside many other health concerns.

Ultimately, Nurtrisyn’s Calming Serum aims to provide users with another tool to add to their toolbelt of stress management. Combined with other stress management techniques, users may be able to eliminate the chronic stress plaguing their lives altogether.

“I use Nutrisyn Calming Serum on many of my patients prior to performing procedures. Some of the procedures I do can cause temporary discomfort and many patients have a natural sense of fear or tension when visiting a doctor,” says Dr. Richard Marc Goldfarb, MD, FACS “The application of the Nutrisyn Calming Serum about 15 minutes prior to the procedure is extremely beneficial in helping my patients achieve a sense of calm, relaxed demeanor. I also use Nutrisyn Calming Serum myself, especially to help improve my sleep habits.”

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives; between the holidays and entering into a new year, everyone is experiencing heightened stress. Nutrisyn’s Calming Serum can ease the stress associated with this time of year and allow you the resources you need to get your year started on the right foot!

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