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T1 Advertising Becomes an Award Winning Agency Under CEO Thomas Herd

Published on November 14, 2021

Ten years ago, it would have been almost inconceivable that anyone would have been able to devise a formulaic pathway for successfully navigating the emerging digital marketplace.

However, that feat has now been achieved.

Under the leadership of CEO Thomas Herd – a Forbes Columnist and President of Forbes Monaco – and SVP Dimetri Hogan brands now have a scientific process to rely on for attaining industry leader credibility and leveraging that newly minted superior status into higher average conversion rates and lower CPA’s.

The result has been that T1 Advertising has now successfully grown over 18 companies north of the 9 figure valuation mark, earning the backing of industry-leading clients such as Sotheby’s and Ritz Carlton. Even its SVP was recently awarded an award by Hennessy for his achievements within and outside of the company.

This tour de force is only expanding and it will be exciting to watch T1 Advertising’s trajectory in the years to come.

For more information please visit or check out their Instagram @t1advertising.

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