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Swiss Photographer Christoph Marti. © JEP Switzerland LLC

Swiss Photographer Christoph Marti Against Body-Shaming

Published on June 25, 2020

Big changes – new plans with his own magazine, model agency, and models. The Swiss-based photographer Christoph Marti is now pointing out his opinion against body-shaming. Within seconds his new picture on the topic of body-shaming reached thousands of people within the Swiss fashion industry.

The photographer says: “WTF?! I hear stories from models almost every day telling me about their experiences. They are not viewed as human beings but as objects and accordingly receive messages via Instagram and other social networks. Models who are told at fashion shows that they are too fat with a dress size 34. Models are represented as sex objects and are reduced to the body only. No one has the right to treat another person like this – whether as a man or a woman. No matter what skin color, what weight a person has, or where one comes from. Please, think a little bit more about what you say, write or post. Turn on your brain and stop this shit! Don’t be the person this text is trying to reach! Body-shaming is out!”

With these words and a provocative picture, Christoph Marti wants people to start thinking about the word “Body-shaming”. He adds: “Years ago, the topic of being ‘too thin’ or ‘too big’ was finally spoken out loud. But if we’re honest, not much has changed! I love the fashion industry and working in this business, don’t want to do anything else – but this topic is important and something needs to change.”

Christoph Marti is a Swiss fine art and portrait photographer, additional editor-in-chief, fashion designer, and the CEO of the agency ID Models Management. His pictures and name are internationally acknowledged and his work is spread over 300 magazines.

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