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Port of San Diego SPEARS Deployment. © ecoSPEARS

Strategic Partnership to Clean Toxins From Water and Soil in Hawaii and Guam

Cleantech company ecoSPEARS partners with Element Environmental

Published on January 10, 2021

ecoSPEARS, a clean technology developer in Orlando, FL, announced its strategic partnership with the Hawaii-based engineering services company Element Environmental (E2HI). The collaboration between ecoSPEARS and E2HI will accelerate green remediation solutions in Hawaii, Guam, and Asia-Pacific countries. The pair has already secured remediation projects in Hawaii and Guam to extract and eliminate toxins like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) from land and waterways.

“The issue with PCB contaminated soil and sediment in Hawaii and Guam is that the traditional remediation methods are often cost-prohibitive, generating an incredible amount of CO2 in the process,” said Ryan Yamauchi, President at E2HI. “Our partnership with ecoSPEARS will accelerate the adoption of sustainable and cost-effective remediation solutions to clean contaminated soil and sediment in Hawaii, Guam, and the Asia-Pacific.”

ecoSPEARS’ SPEARS technology is an in-situ remediation method that extracts toxins like PCBs and persistent toxins from waterways “like a sponge.” The current methods (dredging and incineration) for dealing with contaminated sediment and bulk waste are costly and environmentally destructive. SPEARS extracts PCBs and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from contaminated sediment. ecoSPEARS then uses a proprietary destruction process to destroy the captured PCBs at the molecular level. ecoSPEARS’ technologies occur in ambient temperatures and pressures to eliminate the contaminants without creating CO2 and hazardous byproducts in the process. The partnership will contribute to Hawaii’s goals of clean air, clean soil, and clean drinking water.

“It’s essential to find the best engineering consulting partners to implement our remediation solutions in the field,” said Sergie Albino, CEO & Co-founder at ecoSPEARS. “We are excited to work with E2HI to deliver clients smarter solutions that will create cleaner water and soil in Hawaii and Guam,” said Albino.

ecoSPEARS specializes in purpose-built remediation solutions that are environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. By extracting and destroying the contaminants on-site, their technologies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage by up to 75%, doing so at a fraction of the cost. The environmental remediation sector has endured a lack of innovative solutions to solve legacy contamination. With the partnership, ecoSPEARS and E2HI seek to protect human health and the environment by ushering in the carbonless future of environmental remediation in the Pacific Islands.

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