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Stefano Cicchini, a Combination of Travel and Influencer Marketing

Published on June 05, 2020

Influencers have already transformed the food and travel industry. Many people tend to leave food and travel magazines, and they prefer seeking information from consumers, friends, and influencers that have an attractive social media presence. Resulting from this transformation, the category of food and travel marketing campaign is quickly broadening, leading to possibilities for mutually effective collaborations between brands and influencers.

Many leading brands are switching into the influencer marketing group. Millennials’ desire for vacation has forced travel brands to make a profit on a marketing strategy that works with popular influencers who love traveling. These types of brands understand the effectiveness of influencer marketing and the significance of resonating with travel-hungry Millennials.

If you are a brand and want a successful marketing campaign, and the solution to collaborate with them in the near future, it is best to make a good experience for the food and travel influencers. This means doing what you can to make sure they like collaborating with you from beginning to end.

In this article, I would like to introduce a travel influencer so you can fully grasp the other side of the collaboration. This way, you will know what to prepare for and can run a marketing campaign that is a satisfying experience for all.

Meet Stefano Cicchini, Italian travel and food influencer

Stefano Cicchini is an Italian native whose passion for travel started in Rome and eventually bring him to destinations around Europe, Asia, and more. Now, he works as a content manager and Influencer Manager for his company, while carrying on to document his amazing adventures on his blog and social media accounts – including Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter.

As he balances his career and food blogging and traveling, he has become one of the popular influencers in Italy with Instagram followers of 174k. Many people love his content that he has shred on Instagram and his blog. His lifestyle reaches their loyal followers through authentic photos of his trips and tested dishes. His consistent activity as a food and travel influencer on Instagram along with a calm attitude in front of the camera brings him to some amazing collaboration with many big brands. 

He has partnered with the local and overseas brands and has taken part in any relevant marketing campaigns. In 2018 he participated in the sponsorship campaign for the first Formula E Grand Prix in Rome, and he was also chosen for giving a testimonial on Greenpeace’s campaign and giving a review for the launching event of the new Toyota Aygo in Copenhagen.

Actively partnering with many tourism bodies in creating excellent content to share on Social Media, in 2019 Stefano Cicchini documented one of the most awaited parties in Spain, Las Fallas, Valencia, and he also became a guest of the tourism bodies of Holland, Finland, Poland, and Thailand. He is deemed as one of the well-respected Italian experts with regard to influencer marketing. He ever provided consultancy for a leading brand, such as Puma and till now he becomes an influencer marketing manager for Velvet Media Italia.

As such, Stefano Cicchini Italian travel and food influencer that has worked on numerous influencer campaigns with small and big brands in both the food and travel industry. He even has a desire to run a tour of his own to give travelers a wonderful experience so they can learn almost everything about a destination. That is why we were excited to have Stefano Cicchini share his point of view on the most effective way brands can collaborate with influencers every single step of the way.