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Sports Media vs Social Media: How Riley Hillin Used One to Mater the Other

Published on September 23, 2020

In a world where social media seems to dominate all other entertainment forms, many people search for the perfect combination of excitement and sustainability. One notable entrepreneur who has discovered his niche is 22-year-old Riley Hillin. This young businessman has achieved a staggering amount in his career so far, and he wants to share his success with others.

Like many of his friends, Hillin started as a youngster who was interested in cryptocurrencies and social media. However, what set him aside from his peers was an incredible knack for predicting which trends would go on to become successful and last longer than others.

He decided to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum just before cryptocurrencies exploded onto the scene, and he moved on to other endeavors just as the market began to slump. This fascinating talent for identifying successful future trends seems necessary for people who want to make a name in social media, gaming, and entrepreneurship, and Hillin certainly had it.

Riley Hillin had already had some success with his investments, but even despite his age, this was not enough for him. He began to search for a route to success that would offer him longevity and allow him to earn a steady income. It was then that he discovered the power of sports media.

Sports Media vs. Social Media

Social media has shown huge potential throughout the last decade, but it is forecast to drop in popularity over the next decade. Riley Hillin somehow preempted this and decided to make his name known in the sports media scene.

Sports fans generally offer more of a long-term following; they represent the emotional component that social media doesn’t have. Some teenagers today might argue that they feel emotionally attached to their phones or social media accounts, but this is nothing in comparison to the emotive nature of sports.

Sports offers something to discuss at all times; social media sports accounts provide fans with an opportunity to discuss results and team members, and this brings in a lot of engagement.

Sports fans are also worldwide- there’s no sports team in the world that only has fans who were born and raised in that area. They’re spread out globally, and this often means more engagement online if they cannot be there in person. Hillin noticed all of these factors, and he made his move.

Hillin’s sports social media accounts

Hillin began by starting two social media accounts (@fighting and @swish) for MMA and basketball fans. Before long, these accounts had a combined following of hundreds of thousands, and Hillin knew he was onto a winner. He built up a network of followers and other influencers, and within a couple of years, he was being trusted to multiply accounts’ follower numbers by over 100%.

He used his knowledge of social media trends to create a business that became very successful in very little time. Hillin used the fact that no other industry than sports can create an account on a social media platform and instantly have a pre-made brand. He took advantage of the fact that sports fans are usually fans for life, and he went on to help other businesses and individuals with their branding and marketing.

Today, Hillin runs his own company and has already made a strong career out of entrepreneurship and social media. He has set out to use his skills to help others grow their businesses, and he plans to continue this in the future. Regardless of future trends and changes in social media, there is no doubt that Riley Hillin will make his success and continue to thrive as an entrepreneur.

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