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Social Media Marketing Agent Amir Bakian is Committed to Providing Superior Brand Management

Published on November 09, 2020

Today, any business stands to gain when it’s online. It gains a lot more leads and customers when it delves into the wide world of social media as well. However, it can be a confusing and overwhelming landscape to navigate. That’s where social media marketing agents come in. 

A social media marketing agent will use various tactics and strategies to target, engage, and convert an audience a business is after. These all usually fall into account management, customer service, advertising, and account growth.

Brand management is a big job that has to be done right, and it’s something social media marketing expert Amir Bakian has taken on with passionate commitment. 

As an SMM agent with six years of sales experience, he has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to best representing his clients to advance their business success and expand their growth on popular social media platforms. 

Amir is known for his unique and technological approach to both marketing and brand management. This sets him apart from others who are in the social media marketing industry, and is one of the reasons why companies prefer to go to him over someone else.

Being seasoned in strategic development gives him the ability to discern what paths to achieving online success work quickly and effectively. It also helps him avoid wasting his and a client’s time going down a path that will provide little in returns.

Amir is a pro at the influencer marketing game. He has worked with a number of influencers on popular social media platforms who have seen their growth and engagement skyrocket. Thanks to how successful he has been with influencers, he now received referrals from previous clients he has worked with, demonstrating the massive value clients have received due to his understanding of the social media landscape and complex engagement algorithms.

When it comes to developing a winning social media creator strategy, Amir knows exactly what to do. Developing a creator strategy is easy for him because he has figured out what works and what doesn’t. The creator strategy is a summary of everything that will be done and achieved on social media. It guides actions taken and informs you of how well you are doing. Amir develops a specific plan for success because the more specific it is, the more effective it can become.

Rebranding is something Amir is also an expert in assisting with. Sometimes, it is necessary for a business to rebrand. He knows how to identify, target, isolate, and transform defining aspects of any brand to improve its connectivity with consumers. A company will sometimes think it should rebrand, but upon closer inspection, Amir sometimes identifies a more significant issue that needs to be resolved rather than attempting to ‘escape’ it by rebranding.

Amir Bakian is a social media marketing agent who prides himself in providing committed and reliable services to businesses looking to expand their online presence to capture more leads and get more sales.  Reach out to him to learn more about how he can help you.

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