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Social Media Are Going to Become the #1 Sales Platform

By Julia Koroleva, JKI Marketing

Published on September 09, 2021

Awareness for social media is increasing day by day, and so is the amount of generalization in the work of most social media marketing agencies. Nevertheless, there are still some genuine players that keep pace with the evolving trends. They do not believe in lagging by following outdated practices in social media marketing. The social media environment is ever-changing, and data piles of social media users rising expeditiously. Therefore, such marketers always try to be a step ahead in understanding how social media audiences are trending in the current year.

Social Media Trends 2021

In collaboration with a few respectable digital marketing firms, we have accumulated a list of the social media trends for 2021. You can use these for your own purpose without any hesitation, or cross-check if your current digital marketing team is already onto such activities.

1. Videos are the centerstage: If you ask us to name one thing that is in now, it is social media videos! Videos are the center stage and a hot choice among all age groups. So, leverage a video as and when possible, you are sure to get a good footfall!

2. Social Media Channels evolving as eCommerce places: More and more people are flocking to social media groups for buying and selling stuff. The traditional eCommerce websites are still there, but in a worrisome state as social media channels are doubling to serve for sales as well. COVID-19 too was a major contributing factor in pushing people towards listing items this way, but it has really gained surface now.

3. Security and Authenticity is gaining awareness: This was something inevitable! First, it started with only genuine online players without any mishaps or frauds. Then as the process evolved, there came a phase when online thefts and burglaries became common, not only financial but psychological too. However, 2021 is witnessing a more mature phase for social media, where users are concerned and are aware of security and safety issues.

4. Less sounds better: Lesser, but more educative and more clear and crisp content is what is admired today, rather than long, irrelevant filler content. So, less sounds better, the quality is what the social media users of 2021 are concerned about. This is added convenience for users and for brands, it is easier and less resource-draining to create shorter content than longer posts or clips.

5. Gaming is in: Not that people got extra free time all of a sudden, just that the overall trend is favoring towards gaming and consoles. So if that can be clubbed into the social media promotion of your business in any manner, the combination is rewarding given the current social media trends 2021.

6. Website Design optimization 2021

User experience is important and having just an AD on Google is not enough anymore. Engagement and genuine, relevant information will improve your conversion rate and with a good bounce rate will help you to rank better on Google.

The article was provided by JKI Marketing – Digital Marketing Agency in Tampa, Fl and Morristown, NJ.

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