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SNA Provides COVID-19 Emergency Response Services to State and Local Agencies

By utilizing a team of highly-knowledgeable experts, SNA International creates innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions

Published on December 27, 2020

To assist with the nation’s fight against COVID-19, SNA International, LLC (SNA) provides emergency response support services to state and local governments. SNA alleviates stress on state and local resources by rapidly deploying competency-tested professionals in the areas of recovery, medicolegal investigations, and mortuary logistical support.

SNA’s deployment process handles all management oversight and on-the-ground support, including pre-deployment training in COVID-specific policies, procedures, and safety. SNA team leads have experience working with response stakeholders, including the National Guard, and deliver frequent and reliable status updates to government personnel.

For nearly 20 years, SNA has supported mass fatality responses, including 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the California Camp Fire, and Hurricane Maria. SNA‘s team brings over 25,000 hours of experience in recovery and scene documentation and over 400,000 hours performing post mortem and human identification operations.

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