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Skindinavia’s Cooling Technology Makes Its Setting Spray the Best Choice for Summer

Published on July 06, 2021

Summer beauty is perhaps something you are always looking for every year. It is the best period to elevate your beauty routine to maintain that perfect look throughout the day. The days are longer with high heat that can take a toll on your makeup or even damage your skin. This makes skincare more crucial than ever as you need to maintain a cooling and soothing sensation. It takes a good setting spray to ensure your makeup remains flawless under stressful circumstances.

Skindinavia has been a private label brand for professional makeup artists for 15 years providing the best makeup for summer. They are the innovators of the modern finishing/setting spray and own the patent on the cooling technology that, in official testing, allows for makeup to last for over 16 hours. Skindinavia has taken the lead as the foremost manufacturer of setting sprays for popular brands such as Mary Kay and Urban Decay. In addition, they offer support to professional makeup artists through their unions and educational groups.

Skindinavia setting spray has established its place in the cosmetic world as the number one choice for most make-up artists in the Hollywood scene. The company capitalizes on its innovative cooling technology to manufacture setting sprays for top brands. In manufacturing the setting spray, the company incorporates a scientific formula to keep the skin cool and prevent any form of sweating that may alter your make-up. The spray works by creating a thin layer of protection between your skin and the external moisture and heat allowing the skin to breathe. This ensures that you do not get any skin breakouts and rashes.

Skindinavia has also formulated a spray-on make-up primer based on the same technology as the magical setting spray. The primer is essential to your make-up kit as it helps give you that natural look by acting as a thin, light base for your make-up. This also allows for your skin to breathe through the make-up and to cool the skin below room temperature. Any professional artist will testify to the importance of allowing the skin to breathe, especially after make-up has been applied.

The Maskne Control Spray is also a new product from Skindinavia developed to respond to a need aroused by the Covid pandemic. The product is designed to help minimize skin irritation, inflammation, and to fight conditions leading to mask-related skin breakouts.

As a brand, Skindinavia stands out in the industry, thanks to its product policy. It is sold in smaller boutique stores and online only. The small boutique stores serve private clients and the professional makeup industry. Additionally, all of Skindinavia’s products are ethically produced in America and free of animal testing. They are the inventors and patent owners of the cooling technology that allows for more than 16 hours of wearing makeup that remains unchanged.

Skindinavia wants to continue supporting makeup artists and enthusiasts worldwide. They aspire to continue to promote the setting spray and other products that use their unique scientific approach and formulas. The larger goal is to create a better product for people around the globe who have a passion for makeup.

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