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ShopSave's new program presentation in Hangzhou. © ShopSave Inc.

ShopSave Starts Cooperation With Students From Different Countries

Published on August 20, 2020

ShopSave, an increasingly popular discount and cashback platform, under the auspices of online retail giant AliExpress, has announced a partnership program with international students looking to start a business.

ShopSave is a platform partnering with one of the largest online retailers, AliExpress, that prioritizes building an advanced ecosystem that helps users save money when shopping online. With the active development of e-commerce industry, this kind of platforms are gaining more and more popularity, as they create conditions where both business representatives and consumers become the benefits recipients. Thus, ShopSave provides the user with access to the most advantageous offers of merchants operating in the AliExpress marketplace, finds discount coupons and provides cashback. Moreover, the platform is positioned as a source of income. Providing services for advertising a product, ShopSave is interested in reaching as many potential buyers as possible. The buyers themselves are interested in getting the maximum number of benefits. So, ShopSave system has an affiliate program, the essence of which is to attract users with the help of users themselves. By inviting new members, user becomes an agent, and can receive a commission for purchases made by people he invited. This program may well become a stable source of income and move from the category of “sideline job” to work on a permanent basis.

Today, most of the online commerce is centered around the younger generation as the target audience. Time is moving inexorably forward and must be matched by working with young people to create a wealthy future. So, as part of the promotion, ShopSave launched a program during which it will collaborate with students around the world and help young people to become full-fledged entrepreneurs. Students from Russia, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia and other countries have already become participants of the platform.

In the course of this cooperation, students will be provided with information support on the operation of the ShopSave system, also, the most important aspects of the operation of trading platforms on the Internet will be highlighted. It should be noted that at the moment in the e-commerce industry the most effective tool is not usual advertising of goods and services, but traffic. And it is the attraction of traffic that has become the link around which the competition is unfolding among business representatives.

Collaborating with Chuanshi Education, ShopSave, in order to improve communication between agents and the platform, as well as to help to achieve better entrepreneurial results, has created a traffic acquisition training system that is part of the cooperation with students. ShopSave will also use its own traffic channels to help students to get effective users.

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