Service Launch and TopLevel Opening: A New Approach to Brokerage in UAE

Published on September 07, 2022

Quite recently, the official representatives of TopLevel Real Estate Brokerage told the journalists that they were opening the doors of the company’s Dubai office in Marina Plaza in central Dubai and had launched an online service for their clients.

The new service combines everything the investors need: the web portal is a convenient database of real estate properties in the United Arab Emirates that can be accessed by anyone. The service helps the clients search, analyze and select the properties at different construction stages: the catalog includes both completed projects and off-plan projects. Besides, the service is directly linked to the consultancy department of TopLevel, through which clients can get all the information they need.

One of the TopLevel REB founders, Brazilian businessman Alexander Rossa, spoke about the launch of the company and dwelt upon the principles of the service in detail:

“TopLevel is a company that combines several key concepts:

  • We provide assistance in many languages as our experts are specialists from developed and developing countries who possess extensive knowledge of both the Dubai real estate market and other markets. It allows to remove the language barrier between the company and clients and establish trustful and professional communication;
  • All transactions related to the services of TopLevel and subsequent cooperation are made using a flexible scheme: the company supports various payment methods, including remote ones, from any country of the globe;
  • Our online service contains a catalog with a current database of real estate properties which is continuously updated and supplemented. One can select a property depending on the required price, location, and other parameters. 

The idea of creating a dedicated service, apart from the classic offline cooperation, came to the board of founders not only because of global digitalization: the pandemic experience allowed us to realize how much our clients needed such services. Not everyone has the opportunity to hire a competent broker or brokerage company today, though many people need them, and the service will be particularly useful for those who cannot go to UAE personally but want to become residents or purchase a property.

Considering the benefits of residency – the number of economic migrants at the end of 2021 was 88% of all people living in UAE according to the Migration Policy Institute – and the advantages of doing business in UAE, we concluded that launching the service was more than justified, as was investing in the real estate property in Dubai”.

Besides, according to the company’s management, TopLevel REB cooperates both in the Business-to-Consumer and the Business-to-Business formats:

“Clients of TopLevel are people and companies from various segments of the economy and business who need high-quality consultancy and real estate property. Today, many companies from different countries “transfer” their business to the United Arab Emirates as they see huge market opportunities. We are approached not only with questions regarding residency but also by legal entities as it is now easier than ever to relocate the business to UAE for businessmen and their employees”.

Privileges of TopLevel REB clients:

  • Clients purchasing the property remotely receive tickets to Dubai and a hotel room for up to 3 days;
  • When purchasing a property worth between AED 1mm and AED 3mm – the latest Apple or Samsung phone at the client’s choice;
  • AED 3~6mm – a certificate for AED 10 thousand that can be used in malls and shopping centers in Dubai;
  • AED 6mm and above – a three-day weekend in the famous benchmark of Arabian luxury, Burj al Arab, and romantic date for two in the Dubai desert.

“I would like to thank Alexander from TopLevel, from the bottom of my heart. He is one of the most decent and open people I have ever met in Dubai. In two phone calls, he told me everything I needed to know about the real estate market in UAE. This is not the first property I am purchasing in Dubai, but Alexander offers the best of what I have seen. I will certainly continue working with the company” – Artem Volodin, a client of TopLevel Real Estate Brokerage.

You can find out more about the functions of the service at

Newsroom Staff