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Sayò Unveiled: A Conversation With a Nigerian Songstress, Beyond the Music

By Jayyiah Coles

Published on April 14, 2021

With so many musical options to choose from when it comes to setting the proper vibe for the night, we can all rely on the joyful, upbeat party music that derives from West African artists! ‘Afrobeats’ is a musical genre that is most identifiable by its signature beats which are paired with melodic lyrics.

UK-based, Nigerian artist Sayò, is not only a beautiful and talented songstress, but she is an Afrobeats artist, that is bringing big tunes, and unmatched rhythm to the rapidly growing genre.

Growing up, Sayò was a huge fan of music! She would move with grace around her household, singing melodies and later making cover songs of some of her favorite records. Sayò began professionally making music at 20 years of age. She spent a few years on her artist development, and the perfecting of her craft. She enrolled herself in a vocal lessons course to ensure she was putting her all into the betterment of her sound.

Speaking to Sayò and experiencing her accent was similar to sitting in a massage chair! Not only is her singing voice extremely soothing, but her cockney accent is enough to win over anyone’s heart. Sayò comes off as soft-spoken—but I can tell from speaking to her that she is also assertive! She’s a woman who knows what she wants, and she has a clear vision of where she is going.

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Sayò about music, as well as exploring her personal life. Classifying herself as a half introvert, and half extrovert, Sayò revealed that she has two sides to her! The songstress loves to enjoy the company of her friends and family, but she also loves her solitude! Sayò graciously stepped behind the mic and opened up about her likes and dislikes in this deep-seated, fun interview!

Check it out below, and be sure to follow Sayó, across all Social Media Accounts!

INTERVIEW: Jayyiah Coles X Sayò

Your single, ‘For Your Love’ dropped earlier this month! I want to hear it in your own words, what is that song about?

For Your Love’ is a love song talking about a woman who would do anything for her man’s love. She doesn’t care what anyone says! She will go above and beyond and do anything for this person.

Beautiful! I can tell that you love, love! What is your favorite thing to sing about?

I enjoy making love songs, but I can sing about almost anything! Most of the time, whatever I create, is based on my mood. Most people think singing is only about love, but I do have other topics and subjects I plan on speaking about via my music.

I’m aware that you took a songwriting course. As an artist, are you open to ghostwriters, or singing songs that others wrote for you?

I prefer writing my own songs! In doing so, my music will always be personal. It comes from the heart and my listeners will be able to tell. It’ll reflect via my music that my songs are from my soul. I never considered ghostwriters.

Via some of the things I read about you, it’s clear that you didn’t start making music until your early twenties. But I know, there has to be more musical background information about you!

Afrobeats didn’t come on the scene until the past few years, so clearly I became a fan of that later on in life, however, I’ve always had a relationship with music! I was a huge Spice Girl fan when I was a small child!

When do song ideas come to you?

When I’m alone in my thoughts! When I’m laying down at night, or when I’m in the shower, a song will come to my head. I write music when I’m in my most relaxed state. It’s a gift!

Who is Sayò outside of music?

I’m actually an introvert and an extrovert! (Laughs) When I’m alone, I love it, but I actually also love my company! I was never really a party girl, but I do love going out. I’m really a lover of movies! I love my Netflix.

What do you like to watch on Netflix?

I’m really into fantasy! I love Game of Thrones. I am also a fan of crime shows like Power! I am really just a fan of anything that is not predictable. Watching Game of Thrones, you can never really predict what is going to happen next! I as well love chick flicks, thrillers, and drama! I love being entertained.

If I were to come to London right now, and we spent a day together, what would it be like?

You may be bored at first because I still do have a 9-5 pm job, so you would sit and watch me work for a few hours! (Laughs) But then, I would feed you. Listen, I am a foodie! I do not play when it comes to my food. I am constantly cooking or going out to eat. I would make sure we are well-fed, then perhaps we would explore the city!

Last year COVID-19 hit, and everything was shut down! Even now we are still experiencing shutdowns. Did you discover anything new about yourself during the COVID-19 lockdowns?

I spent a lot of time indoors and I wrote so much! I think I wrote the most I’ve ever had in my life during that period. I was definitely able to be more creative! I also spent a lot of time reflecting on the things that truly matter in life.

Who are you currently listening to, besides yourself?

I am truly a big AfroBeats and a Hip Hop fan. I’m currently listening to Burna Boy, and WizKid, to name a few!

How does Afrobeats music make you feel?

It makes me feel amazing! It makes me want to dance or chill! Burna Boy’s Ye, was my anthem last year! I love music and the way it makes me feel. It inspires me.

Sayò, you are an African woman, living in the UK, surrounded by Caribbean culture! Are you much of a dancer?

(Laughs) No, I’m actually not much of a dancer! I’m still trying to learn! Though it’s a major part of my culture, I’m not the best, but I will learn!

What do you want people to feel while listening to your music?

I want people to feel my emotions when I sing. I want them to feel as though they wrote the songs themself!

What can we expect with your upcoming album?

Expect love and the best of Afrobeats!

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