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SARS-CoV-2 UK Variant Testing Now Available as Fee-For-Service and Complete PCR Kit for Testing Labs

Published on January 12, 2021

GT Molecular, a rapidly expanding molecular diagnostics biotech, has launched two highly sensitive tests for the dangerous UK Variant of SARS-CoV-2 (B.1.1.7).

Nationwide Wastewater Testing Program

The fee-for-service testing of wastewater for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 and the variants in circulation provides communities with a rapid, highly cost-effective method to understand the amount of viral transmission within a community. Everyone within a community provides a sample in the form of a flush to the wastewater treatment facility and a single wastewater test can cover thousands of people for a mere fraction of what a clinical test for individual costs. Additionally, the presence of the virus in wastewater can precede local outbreaks in a community by up to seven days, giving health officials time to plan ahead and increase testing.

By applying this method of community wastewater monitoring to the newly circulating UK variant, GT Molecular is the first to go one step further and actually “genotype the sewer”.

According to Dr. Rose Nash, GT Molecular‘s Director of R&D, “This is a fantastic opportunity to leverage the advantages of wastewater epidemiology over conventional swab-based testing. With a single rapid analysis, we can assess an entire community for the presence of the new hyper-transmissible COVID-19 variant and return results to public health officials within 24 hours.”

GT-PCR B.1.1.7 COVID VARIANT Commercial Reagent Kit – for researchers and testing labs

GT Molecular’s All-in-one B.1.1.7 COVID VARIANT Regent kit provides researchers and labs with high-quality, pre-validated reagents and viral controls so they can continue to serve their communities with high confidence and no lost time. “We are providing our molecular reagents for this variant to the greater research community in an effort to support all COVID-19 researchers and empower their investigations into this highly contagious SARS-CoV-2 variant”, says Dr. Nash.

These new tests enable GT Molecular to provide communities, researchers and wastewater treatment operations across the U.S. with the latest information about the new COVID-19 variant. GT Molecular has deep experience in both wastewater testing and clinical assay development for the virus since the beginning of the pandemic and this release underlines its commitment to serving communities and wastewater treatment operations across the country.

“We continue to make great strides in waterborne pathogen detection both for communities and testing labs with our fee-for-service offering and our PCR assay kits,” says GT Molecular CEO Christopher McKee. “These new tests will allow communities to quickly determine whether the SARS-CoV-2 variant is present while giving health officials timely data that can better help manage outbreaks.”

These novel assays build upon GT Molecular’s clinical background and technology for highly accurate and reliable qPCR and digital PCR detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus and are offered in two formats:


Designed for


1.    Nationwide Fee-for-service testing of wastewater samples for UK Variant of SARS-CoV-2

Communities, wastewater treatment operations, Researchers, Health officials


2.    GT-PCR B.1.1.7 COVID VARIANT Commercial Reagent Kit for both RT-PCR and digital PCR instruments and include all of the primers, precisely measured and qualified positive and negative variant controls – manufactured according to strict quality controls process.

Research labs doing their own community testing, environmental testing labs, CLIA labs, Health officials