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Sarah Schroeder-Matzkin Wows Audiences With Her Powerful New Music Video

The music video for her latest single, "Betrayal," artistically captures the process of heartbreak, healing, and letting go

Published on May 14, 2021

Award-winning singer, actress, and producer Sarah Schroeder-Matzkin has captured the attention of more than 20,000 viewers with the latest music video, “Betrayal.” According to Schroeder-Matzkin, she was in a dark place when she began the songwriting process because she was betrayed by someone she trusted. Writing and recording the lyrics were a significant step in her healing process, and she hopes it can help others on the same journey toward healing too.

The videos for both “Betrayal” and “Look Too the Stars,” Schroeder-Matzkin’s track for the movie soundtrack of Not Alone, were selected for the International Music Video Awards 2021. Some of Schroeder-Matzkin’s other notable awards for music and acting include:

  • Cannes World Film Festival: Best Thriller/Suspense Film, “Not Alone”
  • Cannes World Film Festival: Finalist for “Look Too the Stars”
  • Cannes World Film Festival: Nominee for Best Acting Debut
  • Los Angeles Reel Film Festival: Award Winner for “Look Too the Stars”
  • Big Apple Film Festival: Official Selection for “Look Too the Stars”
  • Toronto International Women in Film Festival: Official Selections for “Not Alone” and “Look Too the Stars”

Sarah Schroeder – Matzkin and Steven Matzkin collaboratively wrote Betrayal and Look Too the Stars, produced by Chico Bennett

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