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Sami Mukahhal – Sensation That Is Both Lebanese and Proud

Published on October 08, 2021

Lebanon, this small patch of land has seen a wide range of human activity, including prehistoric times, Phoenicians, Romans, Ottomans, and French. This tumultuous history has left its imprints all over Lebanon and in its people. Lebanon is a truly diverse country, with a wide range of religions, lifestyles, and even genetics.

The Lebanese are extremely proud of their shared cultural heritage. The sheer diversity of culture has resulted in an intriguing group of people living in one place. From customs to accepted “modernities”, the Lebanese have assimilated a diverse range of cultures over the years.

Lebanon has been in a severe and prolonged economic depression since 2020.

Sami Mukahhal recognized an important truth early on: being Patriotic should not be associated with violence, but rather with a deep love for one’s country.

Sami Mukahhal was born on November 15th, 1991 in Lebanon and has spent his entire life falling in love with Lebanon’s incredible cultural traditions and heritage.

The “Lebanese and Proud” Instagram Filter’s underlying goal was to instill a sense of patriotic fever to reawaken Lebanon’s love. Sami was worried about how people would react to the “Lebanese and Proud” Instagram Filter at a time when Lebanon is in crisis. As a result, he has become a media sensation as well as a source of inspiration for many Lebanese around the world. His followers thanked him for spreading positivity during Lebanon’s difficult times.

If it meant making people laugh and smile, he’d do it for the rest of his life. “We all smile in the same language,” is his famous quote that he lives by. He saw how many people used his Instagram Filter to share their stories, releasing Lebanese pride.

The “Lebanese and Proud” Instagram Filter is more than just a filter for him; it is a tie that connects him to his roots and his beloved country, Lebanon.

Please feel free to visit Sami’s Instagram page at @samimukahhal to try out his new Lebanese and Proud Instagram Filter.

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